Reduction of carbon emissions is a good idea, and the issue is also becoming increasingly important to institutional investors all over the world as they seek to invest.
For the second time Novozymes has featured in CDP’s annual Nordic Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index. In a huge field of more than 260 Nordic companies, Novozymes is a high-climber, entering the Index at number 10.
CDP’s annual Nordic Report highlights the constituent companies in the Nordic OMX Index Series which have displayed the most professional approach to corporate governance in respect of climate change information disclosure practices.
Reporting on climate change issues
Companies are scored on their climate change disclosure, with high scores indicating good internal data management and understanding of climate change-related issues affecting the company. The Leadership Index lists the best 26 Nordic companies.
“Companies that make the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index have demonstrated good internal data management practices for understanding greenhouse gas emissions. They have shown a strong awareness of the business issues related to climate change, including climate-related risks and opportunities. Those organizations that give clear consideration to measuring and reporting on climate change issues will be best placed to capitalize on the opportunities from managing them,” says Paul Simpson, chief executive officer of the Carbon Disclosure Project.
20 years of environmental reporting
Flemming Funch, Vice President Quality, Environment & Safety at Novozymes, says:
”Collecting data on carbon reduction is deeply rooted at Novozymes. For almost 20 years we have integrated environmental and social data into our annual reports alongside financial results. Novozymes’ solutions enable our customers to produce more with less energy and replace harsh chemicals, so it is only natural for us to report on reductions of carbon as we would like to communicate the environmental benefits to our customers.”

Together with its customers Novozymes has an ambition to reduce global CO2 emissions by 75 million tons by 2015, and, despite increasing production, Novozymes now has lower CO2 emissions than in 2005, with all its electricity coming from wind turbines.

Flemming Funch is delighted about Novozymes entering the Leadership Index:

”Jumping directly into the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index and ending up number 10 of all Nordic companies is proof that the work we're doing to integrate sustainability into our business is being recognized. Having said that, we'll work to improve our efforts on reporting climate change issues, and I believe that CDP is a strong partner for improving our performance.”
About CDP – The Nordic Report
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