Removing that not-so-fresh smell
Although pet parents love their animals dearly, the reality is that pets can sometimes leave behind unpleasant odours. Now, a new product from Earthpawz called ‘Smelly Dog’ solves this problem in a whole new way.  The key ingredient of this pet-friendly odor-elimination spray is Freshen™ Free, the biological cleaning solution from Novozymes.

Freshen Free is an effective odor control solution for a wide range of malodors found on hard surfaces and fabrics, indoors and outdoors. The advanced chemistry of Freshen Free captures malodors for immediate odor control, while the beneficial microorganisms degrade odor-causing organics. Freshen Free eliminates odors at their source for long-lasting odor control.

“Freshen Free removes the source of odors for long-lasting freshness. The product, a blend of class 1 bacillus microorganism from naturally occurring sources, is ideal for taking away pet odor in fabrics (such as couches) and hard surfaces such as kitty litter boxes,” says Pat Patterson, President, Novozymes Biologicals.

Absolutely pet friendly
There are numerous odor elimination sprays in the stores today which mask odors but contain ingredients that are may be unsafe for pets.

“Whether you walk the red carpet, or clean it, everyone is aware of the effects of using harsh chemicals in their homes. And the effect it has on the environment. Thanks to Novozymes’ beneficial microorganisms, Smelly Dog is absolutely pet friendly. The odor is eliminated, and does not come back,” says Taren de St. Croix, owner of Earthpawz.

The product is formulated to remove odors associated with cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, and birds.

“Partnering with Novozymes was natural, just like our products. Novozymes gave us the opportunity to use cutting edge chemistry that is superior to our competitors, and stay true to our company objective,”
Taren de St. Croix adds.

Smelly Dog goes to Hollywood
One reason why celebrities love to attend the Academy Awards is the spectacular gift bag each attendee receives, packed with expensive, unique and exciting goodies.

The uniqueness of Smelly Dog caught the attention of the team putting together the gift bags for this year’s Oscars.  So among the designer accessories and fancy food items, celebrities will also find a bottle of Smelly Dog in their bag this season.

This is expected to be one gift that many Hollywood socialites will actually use, as the number of celebrities with pets continues to grow.

About Earthpawz
Earthpawz is a Canadian-based company, founded by Taren de St. Croix, focused on providing healthy and safe cleaning products. Earthpawz products are pet safe and pet specific, created to clean up unique doggie messes with formulas that are all natural.  For more information visit

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