​Novozymes is a proud recipient of the Biofuels Leadership Award at the World Biofuels Market, which is one of the largest and most successful congress and exhibitions in the biofuels industry in Europe, bringing together the entire value chain of the biofuels industry.

Judged by an elite panel of independent industry experts, the Sustainable Biofuels Awards are designed to recognize the tremendous innovation that is taking place in the development of truly sustainable and renewable fuels.

“This recognition is important for us as it further strengthens our position as an industry leader within the biofuels space, both technologically and in leading efforts to make it ever more sustainable,” says Anders Lau Tuxen, Energy Strategist from Novozymes.

“Sustainability is an integrated part of how we do business. Our biological solutions enable companies to produce more with a smaller environmental impact. Biofuels enzymes not only help save fossil fuels but also drive the world toward a cleaner, energy efficient and a better tomorrow.”

The Awards Ceremony was held on March 14, 2012 at Rotterdam, Netherlands, and hosted by a representative of the City of Rotterdam, Vice-Mayor for Sustainability, Alexandra van Huffelen.

Making biobased society a reality
“The award is a true reflection of how we position our technology and develop our vision for a biobased economy,” says Claus Stig Pedersen, responsible for global Sustainability Development at Novozymes. In the biobased economy, biotechnology will be used to turn biomass into sugars which can then be converted into environmentally friendly energy, chemicals, and materials for use in everyday products.

“At Novozymes, moving from an oil-based society to a bio-based economy isn’t just a dream; we are making it a reality,” shares Claus. A practical example being Novozymes’ partnership in CleanStar in Mozambique, Africa to improve health, restore forests, clean the air, and grow the economy through an integrated food-energy business. By changing how we use crops and by replacing charcoal-burning cookstoves with cleaner ethanol stoves, Novozymes is part of creating a small-scale bio-based economy.

The potential of a biobased economy
The biobased economy holds tremendous potential for many advantages. Advanced biofuels and biochemicals will increasingly be produced as cost-competitive alternatives to oil-derived products. Dependency on oil from other regions will be reduced, emerging economies will be able to address growing energy needs, and overall energy security will be improved. The production of energy, chemicals, and materials will be based on renewable resources. Efficiency will improve; energy needs and resource-consumption will decrease. The biobased society will create economic expansion and new jobs. New materials and products that cannot be derived from oil will be created.

More about the awards
“The Sustainable Biofuels Awards are designed to encourage, inspire, and reward innovation throughout the biofuels value chain,” says Nadim Chaudhry, Managing Director of Green Power Conferences. “Within the biofuels value chain, there are countless initiatives making a huge difference to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment, and enhancing society, and we are committed to recognizing those achievements.”

Ten categories in all recognize biofuel leadership, adoption, innovation, technology, and sustainability. The awards also recognize innovation in feedstock, aviation, biopower generation and leadership in biodiesel and biobased chemical industry.

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