Novozymes, the world leader in bioinnovation, today opens a new local business and innovation center in the Shandong Province to further develop its leading position in industrial biotechnology in the Chinese market.

The business and innovation center offers Novozymes a unique opportunity to work using a more localized business approach and collaboration with stakeholders to turn ideas into business, better meet the demands of local customers, and drive growth in a local market. With competencies ranging from Research & Development over Business Development to Stakeholder Relations, the business and innovation center seeks a unique level of collaboration with universities, customers and organizations associated with the Shandong cluster, reaping mutual benefits and creating shared value.

“The Shandong innovation center allows Novozymes to be part of China’s future stronghold for biotechnology,” says Michael Christiansen, President of Novozymes China. “With our over 20 years of operation experience in China, this initiative will further strengthen our position and keep us at the forefront of developing more and better biosolutions for our customers in Shandong and beyond.”

Shandong: an emerging biotechnology cluster
Shandong Province is characterized by a strong infrastructure and sustainable development in China. The province is a hub for biology and microbial research institutes and universities, and industrial biotechnology is high on the local political agenda with local government focusing on sustainable development.

Internally, the innovation center will function as an integrated organization of Research & Development, Business Development, and Stakeholder Relations. Novozymes’ local presence will enable increased knowledge and learning about the province, which already today is one of the main regions of China in the food processing, forestry, textile, brewing and leather sectors. Furthermore, Novozymes will work to support the sustainability goals of Shandong, working closely with key stakeholders such as academia, customers, government and policy makers.

China: an important market for Novozymes
Biotechnology, identified as one of the seven Strategic Emerging Industries (SEIs) in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), has become an opportunity for China to reshape and upgrade its industrial structure, and a critical pathway for China’s green, sustainable growth.

Today, China is the second largest national market for Novozymes, and Novozymes is one of the largest Danish businesses in China, with initial investments dating back to early 1990s. Around 14% of Novozymes’ global revenue is invested in research and development worldwide every year. Novozymes will continue to invest in China and contribute to the evolution of industrial biotechnology in China.​