​Today Novozymes announced the launch of a new enzyme technology that highly improves the performance in liquid dishwashing.

More and more customers are turning to liquids or gelcaps when they wash their dishes in a dishwasher. This is particularly in trend in Europe and North America where the market for liquid automatic dishwashing solutions has grown by 23% from 2002 to 2012 according to Euromonitor International.

Outperforms similar products
The new Novozymes Blaze Evity liquid solution has shown improved performance on customer relevant soils.

“For the consumer, Blaze® Evity® 16 L means much more dishwashing power and it provides the most consistent performance on protein soils. These soils include particularly tough challenges such as baked on light cheese, egg yolk, and minced meat,” says Cynthia Bryant, Marketing Director for Household Care at Novozymes.

According to an independent study by tensioconsult, a testing institute in Germany, Novozymes’ new solution for liquid detergents and gelcaps outperforms similar products on key protein-based dishwashing soils.

A biodegradable soil remover
Blaze Evity 16 L is a protease, an enzymatic solution. Enzymes are nature’s own tiny biocatalysts which help replace traditional chemicals, as well as save water and energy in industrial processes. This holds potential cost savings for manufacturers and end consumers:

“Consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the environmental effects of the products they use every day. Blaze® Evity 16® L is a readily biodegradable enzyme soil remover. It also makes low-temperature and short-cycle cleaning possible so consumers can potentially save energy,” explains Bryant.

Novozymes has conducted a long series of interviews with detergent producers as well as consumers, and scooping out dishwashing powder with a plastic measuring spoon is changing:

“We are listening to our customers as well as to users, and the answer is clear: a detergent that is truly modern requires reliable performance wash after wash and not just ease of use. Blaze® Evity® 16 L enables manufacturers to meet environmentally conscious consumers’ wishes for responsible products in an easy to use liquid detergent,” Cynthia Bryant explains.

Novozymes gives keynote speeches at CESIO
Novozymes plays a key role at the 9th World Surfactant Congress and Business Convention in Barcelona:

• Marketing Director Cynthia Bryant makes a keynote address on “Enzymes as a Sustainable Solution for High Performance in New Applications”, on June 11 at 2:30 p.m.

• Vice President Lars Hansen speaks about biobased solutions today and their future potential, on June 12 at 11:00 a.m.

“Novozymes has more than 60 years of innovative history creating biological solutions for the detergent industry,” says Lars Hansen ahead of the conference. “By increasing the percentage of ingredients replaced by enzymes, detergent manufacturers can increase the cost window to gain more performance. More enzymes mean a higher sustainability profile for the detergent.”