Today, Novozymes announced the launch of a new product range of highly stable and robust enzymes for both liquid and powder detergents that will help detergent producers to deliver consistent wash performance to consumers every time.

The improved stability and wash performance comes from the product range called Evity®, developed by Novozymes to help detergent producers.

“The new Evity® powder enzyme range comes with a new technology that safeguards the enzyme – regardless of the harsh ingredients and challenges a detergent faces on its journey from factory to washing machine,” says Cynthia Bryant, Director of Novozymes Household Care Marketing. “It enables the producers of detergents to ensure that consumers experience a consistently high wash performance every time.”

Modern detergents are complex and innovative products. Promotional pack sizes, transportation, and storage means that it may take a long time before the detergent is actually used, and this challenges producers to deliver a detergent that performs consistently after its long journey to the consumers’ washing machines.

“Novozymes Evity® helps the liquid as well as the powder detergent manufacturer deliver consistent wash performance every time. The liquid Evity® range is a range of highly stable liquid enzyme proteases resulting in increased wash performance after storage as well as improved multi-enzyme benefit,” Cynthia Bryant explains.

Consumer studies show that consumers attach importance to performance as the most important purchase criterion and therefore a key parameter in building brand loyalty for the detergent producer.

Better performance with benefits for the consumer
Novozymes new Evity® product range is developed especially to help detergents to stay effective for longer.

“Evity® meets the producers’ challenge to innovate to constantly develop their detergent and broaden their product range with new enzymatic based claims. It also allows the producers to optimize warehousing and transport and free themselves from many price-volatile, chemical-based ingredients in their formulations. In turn, this gives the consumers a better and longer lasting performance when they wash clothes,” continues Cynthia Bryant.

During the last decades, Novozymes has invented enzyme technologies that have helped producers all over the world to make better detergents containing fewer chemicals. This has resulted in the benefits of detergents that are able to remove stains and keep clothes looking whiter and brighter for longer. Enzymes also have environmental benefits as such as low-temperature washing to save energy.

Evity is an innovative new step towards more effective and more sustainable detergents.

 “The liquid Evity® enzyme range makes it possible, to a large extend, for the detergent producer to exclude boric acid to establish a safer working environment and enhance performance, even in formulations with harsh ingredients,” says Cynthia Bryant, “it also allows the benefits of replacing chemicals with enzymes”.