P&G, the world’s largest consumer goods company, has named Novozymes ‘External Business Partner of the Year’ for the sixth year in a row.

P&G has more than 82,000 suppliers and agencies and spends over USD 50 billion in sourcing from them, every year. Novozymes’ main collaboration with P&G is in developing and selling enzymes for use in detergents.

“The award is a signal that our customers acknowledge us for being a good business partner and for our innovative solutions to the Household Care industry,” says Novozymes’ Strategic Account Director Peter Christensen, who received the award on behalf of Novozymes. “What an honor  to receive such compliments on behalf of all our employees who enable Novozymes to have a unique position with a world leading company like P&G.”

Novozymes’ interim report for the first nine months of 2013 shows that sales to the Household Care industry increased by 5% in Danish kroner and by 8% in local currencies, as compared to the first 9 months of 2012. Sales growth was driven by continued high demand from customers to improve wash performance, enable low-temperature washing and replace chemicals with enzymes.

Deliver innovation and productivity
Speaking at the awards ceremony, P&G’s President and CEO A.G. Lafley said that, "For P&G, the primary drivers of growth and value creation are innovation and productivity. P&G’s external business partners help us deliver both, creating value for consumers, customers and shareholders alike."

These factors are also what drive Novozymes, a company built on innovation, and whose biosolutions help customers produce more with less; more output with less energy and fewer raw materials.

“We have received the partner of the year award a number of times now and we still consider it a big achievement,” says Peter Christensen. “What also makes this very special to us is the fact that we are in competition with some of the biggest companies in the world. At the same time, we are very proud and humble about this award and will continue to do our very best to deliver innovation and productivity to our customers.”

Read P&G’s press release announcing the awards.