Novozymes announced the launch of two new solutions to enhance freshness in packaged bread. Novozymes Sensea® and Novamyl® 3D are independent yet complementary solutions that together achieve a new standard for moistness and tenderness from day one and right throughout storage.

Sensory improvements that stand out
Sensea® helps industrial bakers build superior brands through elevating the consumer eating experience. It is the only enzymatic solution to secure better moistness and melting, and a new tender texture.

“With Sensea®, we’re offering industrial bakers a cost-effective and cost-predictable enzymatic solution that brings a new delicious eating experience to packaged bread right from day one,” says Martyna Wojnarowska, business development manager for Novozymes Baking, “The difference with Sensea® is that consumers perceive the difference in freshness from the very first bite – the bread is so soft and tender, and almost melts in your mouth.”

Sensory sessions by baking experts have proven that Sensea® delivers exceptional moistness, smoothness and melting properties. The sensorial benefits offered by Sensea® are also perceived by consumers; with 90% of a non-expert panel responding that they liked the bread baked using Sensea®.

New tender texture throughout storage
Novozymes surveyed over 4000 bread consumers in 2011, and learned that after molding, dryness is the main reason bread is thrown away. Texture and bread softness is important to consumers, and Novamyl® 3D ensures that the bread retains these qualities during storage.

During consumer research conducted by EBIC in the Netherlands, the majority of consumers preferred 10-day-old bread baked with Novamyl® 3D when compared to bread baked with original Novamyl®, and stated that it was ‘more moist, more tender,’ and ‘exactly right.’

“Novamyl® 3D builds on our expertise and brings a new delicious dimension to our traditional freshness solution – a tender and moist mouthfeel, on top of superior softness and elasticity,” says Fokke van den Berg, global marketing manager for Novozymes Baking, “Not only does the solution help industrial bakers meet consumer preferences, it also reduces waste.”

Combined for complete freshness
Both new solutions work to ensure that the crumb structure remains elastic and flexible, resulting in better bread softness. Sensea® instantly lowers resilience, immediately offering a moister and more melting mouthfeel, whereas Novamyl® 3D’s technology kicks in as time progresses. When used together, the solutions enable industrial bakers to achieve a new standard of tenderness and moistness which is maintained throughout storage.