COPENHAGEN, Denmark – February 3, 2016 –  Napoleon is meant to have said an army marches on its stomach. 200 years on, controlling vital resources remains a winning hand. Europe is addicted to oil. We live in a fossil-fuel-driven economy, and we depend highly on unstable states to fuel it. Other regions have been in this situation before us, and have dealt with it. As things stand now, Europe is not dealing with it at all.

Those are some of the messages from former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Novozymes’ CEO Peder Holk Nielsen in an op-ed out today. Messrs Fogh Rasmussen and Holk Nielsen are organizing a high-level policy conference at the European Parliament in Brussels on how to improve EU energy security with advanced biofuels. The conference will take place on February 25.

Read the op-ed in its entirety and learn more about the forthcoming conference here.