7 things you didn't know about American laundry habits

We spend lots of time and money cleaning our clothes, yet laundry is a chore that most of us would rather avoid. A YouGov poll reveals the stains Americans love to hate, and what they would give up to not have to do the laundry.


To better understand how everyday Americans do laundry, the YouGov Analysis Institute polled more than 1,000 respondents – all of whom were parents under 60 years old. The survey showed that: 

1. Stains are a pain
52% of respondents said stains are the most important consideration when doing laundry. They want to get that stain out immediately, and nearly half will wash a blouse three or more times to remove a stain.

31% stated that fresh smell is the most important factor when doing laundry, followed by 12% who considered keeping colors bright their top priority.
2. Blood causes most concern
35% were most concerned about blood stains. Yellow armpit stains (33%) and grass (32%) came in #2 and #3.

3. Men step up to laundry duty
The survey showed that 95% of respondents do their laundry at home, and that more than half (53%) do laundry 2-6 times per week. Only 5% of respondents use a self-service laundry.

More women than men do laundry, but the survey showed that 15% of dads do laundry daily, with a third doing laundry once a week, as compared with 22% of moms.

4. Laundry over exercise
48% of all respondents said they prefer to do the laundry instead of exercising. 
Again, there’s a difference between men and women here. 56% of the men would rather head to the gym than do the laundry, while 54% of women put the laundry before the gym. 

5. What Americans would give up to not do laundry
Americans would give up a lot of things to get out of doing laundry for a whole month. 30% would give up wine, beer and liquor. 27% would give up bacon, 24% would stop swearing, 21% would drop using social media – and 10% would give up sex.

6. When wearing white
The danger of staining a white shirt or dress is so great, that 28% of Americans would avoid BBQ, 26% would avoid pasta and 22% would not eat pizza – when wearing white.

7. What’s worse than stains?

When asked which is worse - telling a friend about a stain on their clothes, or that they have something caught in their teeth - 49% of respondents chose the former. 28% said that neither of these are bad at all.

The survey consisted of 1,008 CAWI interviews of U.S. citizens aged 25-60, conducted in May 18-20, 2016.

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