Have you ever had a hard time cleaning a plate and cutlery with dried egg yolk? You’re not the only one! In fact, egg yolk is one of the toughest soils to clean, because it consists of pure protein.

That’s exactly why it makes it such a good way to test the effectiveness of proteases, which break down proteins.

“Egg yolk is excellent to show the effect of our proteases in washing powder or tabs in automatic dish washers,” explains Dorte Steen Eskebæk, Research Associate. “We regularly do tests to show customers how they can improve their products by adding more enzymes.”

Dorte and her colleagues conduct tests by applying egg-yolk on stainless steel plates, which are then washed with solutions containing various doses of proteases. In this video, Dorte explains the process.

From eggs to excitement

Consumers want detergents for automatic dishwashing that can effectively remove stains after every wash. What’s more, they are also focusing more and more on chemicals and sustainability. That adds extra pressure on our customers.

“We can show customers that enzymes can replace some of the chemicals in their detergents, allowing them to cater to a growing consumer demand,” explains Dorte. “By benchmarking their products against competitive products, they can see how our solutions can help their brand stand out.”

This combined with Technical Service support ensures that customers can easily implement our solutions.