The award is established in honor and appreciation of the contributions of Professor John Villadsen to education and research in chemical and biochemical engineering. 

The winner is selected by a panel headed by Jens Nielsen, professor at Chalmers University, CEO of BioInnovation Institute & scientific director at DTU Biosustain. The winner will be announced at an annual symposium later in the year.

Nomination package must be received no later than August 15th, 2019 for the 2019 award – see form  for details 

For 2019, the prize is accompanied by a monetary award of 100.000 Danish kroner.

Selection of awardees is based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation through research, education, or practice of chemical and biochemical engineering.
  • Successful development of new products, processes or services. 
  • Research at the interface of chemical or biological science and engineering. 
  • Significant publication, patents, or technology development in the field. 
  • Demonstrated economic or social impact through innovation or practice of chemical and biochemical engineering. Economic impact includes gross revenues generated by a new product or process, cost savings made possible by a new process, reductions in environmental impact, or benefits to health and safety in the workplace, or of consumers and patients. 

Past recipients
2015: Professor emeritus John Villadsen, Danish Technical University
2016: Professor Bernhard Palsson, Danish Technical University
2017: Professor Gregory Stephanopoulos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2018: Professor Matthias Reuss, University of Stuttgart

For any questions related to the award or nomination process, please contact Svend Bang Henriksen,

Executive Assistant to the CSO & SVP of Research & Technology: