The EPO Patent Index for 2019 ranked Novozymes the most active patent applicant in Denmark 2019. Novozymes filed 155 new applications, and was the fourth highest ranked, in the EPO’s global company ranking, in the field of biotechnology.

“We build on innovation and invest into research and development to deliver new biological solutions for a more sustainable world,” says Thomas Videbæk, COO and Executive Vice President at Novozymes. “Over the last five years, 25 % of our sales has come from new products.”  

13% of Novozymes’ total revenue is reinvested into research each year. The company has a global R&D organization and one in five of the 6,400 employees work in research and development. 

Investing in biological solutions

Novozymes holds 48% of the global enzyme market, and the company has more than 6,500 active patents. 

“Patents are an essential element of our strategy. By having patents in place, we protect the huge investment in our innovation. We find biological solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time, such as the need for more food, better farming, renewable energy, and waste water treatment, while also contributing to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions,” says Thomas Videbæk. 

In 2019, Novozymes’ customers saved an estimated 87 million tons of CO2 emissions by applying our biological solutions. This is equivalent to taking approximately 36 million off the road.

The EPO was founded with the aim of strengthening co-operation on patents in Europe and, on the publication of its annual report 2019, EPO President António Campinos said: 

“Companies in Denmark showcase the strength of innovation in the country.” 

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