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Reducing acrylamide will help you comply with regulations and protect your brands. Find out.



With Acrylaway® HighT, you can achieve acrylamide level reductions of 50-75%.  It’s an easy-to-use, flexible processing aid. You can add it to your ingredients during the initial mixing step.  No extra process changes are needed. It’s most active during cooking or pre-conditioning (up to 110°C). It has no effect on the taste, texture or appearance of your final products.

How asparginases reduce acrylamide

Starchy foods usually contain the amino acid asparagine. In the Maillard reaction, asparagine gets converted into acrylamide. This is a suspected carcinogen. Asparaginases convert asparagine into another common amino acid, aspartic acid. That means it can’t be converted into acrylamide in the Maillard reaction. 

Starchy foods usually contain reducing sugars and the amino acid asparagine. Cooking these foods at high temperatures with little moisture results in the Maillard reaction. This phenomenon is also referred to as one of the non-enzymatic browning reactions. It happens between amino acids and reducing sugars. It plays a big role in color and flavor development in baked and fried starchy products. It's responsible for the golden crust color and delicious flavor of baked goods. But it also converts asparagine into acrylamide, a suspected carcinogen. This can happen during baking, frying and extrusion cooking. 

Aspargine is an amino acid. Asparaginases convert asparagine into another common amino acid, aspartic acid. That means the asparagine can’t convert into acrylamide. This is a very effective way of reducing acrylamide formation in food products. 

How Acrylaway® HighT works

Acrylamide forms when starchy foods are baked at high temperatures with little moisture. Products treated with Acrylaway® HighT keep their rich golden taste and color, yet have much lower acrylamide levels. Find out how it works.

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