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AMG® helps boost yeast and accelerate fermentation. The result is improved crust color, increased oven spring and larger volume. AMG® generates crust color sooner, which allows you to reduce baking time and still get the golden crust consumers love. This keeps the bread crumb from overdrying and reduces crust separation in par- and pre-baked bread and rolls. 

How glucoamylases make bread look better

Glucoamylase is also known as amyloglucosidase. It systematically cleaves glucose molecules off starch chains. That means more glucose for the Maillard and browning reactions. The result is a richer, more golden crust color and many other benefits.

Native starch is a polymer made up of α-D-glucose molecules linked together. Cereal α-amylase randomly cleaves the α-1,4 bonds of damaged or gelatinized starch into smaller fragments called dextrins. Cereal β-amylase then generates maltose from the dextrins with low molecular weight. 

Yeast contains a maltase (α-glucosidase). This breaks the maltose into glucose molecules. This glucose contributes to crust color and is an energy source for the yeast to ferment. 

Sound flour has enough native β-amylase for this process. But it doesn't have enough native α-amylase to produce the dextrins needed. That limits glucose levels in the dough. 

Adding glucoamylase to flour is a method to correct this problem. It cleaves glucose molecules off the ends of the starch polymers.  This cleavage happens mainly at α-1,4 bonds and – more slowly - at-α-1,6 branch points. That releases more glucose to the dough.

More glucose during proofing, baking and in the final bread leads to a range of benefits. These include a richer, more golden crust color, as the extra glucose takes part in the Maillard and browning reactions. This color generation happens in the later stages of baking. Lean recipe loaves with glucoamylase generate color sooner which is especially useful in bake-off of par-baked products. So another benefit is less baking time and less risk of over-dry bread which can result in flaking.

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