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Safe handling


Low-protein wheat flour enables accurate shaping and imprinting. If the gluten in your flour is too strong, the dough becomes difficult to handle. This leads to defects including brittle consistency and uneven shape.   

Neutrase® L is a protease in liquid form. It efficiently weakens gluten for a softer gluten structure and extensible dough properties. This gives your products a uniform shape, surface and color while allowing improved dough imprinting characteristics.   

 Neutrase®  L also  delivers improved machinability and allows you to use a wider variety of flours. It also improves the mouth feel and texture of your final products. The result is high-quality, consistent, easy-to-pack biscuits, crackers, wafers and cookies.   

All our products for appealing appearance

First impressions count. Consumers choose bread, biscuits, cookies, wafers and crackers with a rich golden color and structural integrity. Find out.


Testing one of our products in your own production is the best way to experience all the benefits.