Our environmental footprint

As a signatory to the ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development, Novozymes is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its production. 

Ambitious goals
Ambitious goals are a lever to decrease our environmental footprint. They include making significant improvements to our renewable energy portfolio, CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption, and successfully implementing our climate strategy
To ensure transparency, we report quarterly on our performance towards these environmental targets 

Sustainability Stewards
Sustainability is integrated into the core of our business, making it a key component of business strategies and management processes. We also support social responsibility by integrating human rights and health and safety considerations into our daily business. Learn more about Sustainability and ESG integration at Novozymes.

Our Environmental Management System is certified
We are constantly exploring new ways of being more environmentally friendly in the workplace. Environment is an integrated part of our management system across departments and beyond the geographical borders of the organization.

All production facilities must comply to a robust corporate environmental standard. Novozymes has clear processes to ensure that sites receive certification, as soon as they cross a minimum threshold of environmental impact.