From Darwinian theory to cutting-edge biotech

Dr. Frances H. Arnold, received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on directing the evolution of enzymes. We’ve collaborated with Nature to make Dr. Arnold’s work freely available  to everyone.

Directed evolution has enabled scientists at Novozymes to mimic nature in the laboratory, over a matter of days, compared to millions of years.

Inspired by her research, we can accelerate our innovation to help us discover better enzymes for developing new, biology-driven industrial processes. Among these, we have already discovered solutions to combat acrylamide in food, enable low-lactose yoghurt, and help garments last longer.

Directed evolution, helped Novozymes develop the technology to wash our clothes at much lower temperatures today.

Harnessing the power of evolution

Meet our Chief Science Officer, Claus Crone Fuglsang and learn how we how we are inspired by nature’s own methodology, thanks to Dr. Arnold’s work.

The greatest benefit to humankind 

Enzymes are nature’s own catalysts and Novozymes applies them across more than 40 different industries. Here they allow for the production of more from less – less energy, less water, less chemicals. 

Today, we reach more than 5.5 billion people with our enzyme and microbial solutions. Last year, our solutions helped save the world from 76 million tons of CO2.

We are experts in industrial biotechnology, but we know that we alone don’t hold all the answers. So we established HelloScience, an open innovation platform. 

By sharing our expertise, technology, and resources, our ambition is to develop ideas into sustainable solutions to the world's biggest challenges.

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Our scientists are a supremely passionate bunch – we rank 3rd in Science Magazine’s Top Employers’ Survey 2018. 

Hear from seven of our scientists, who tell us what inspires them to come to work everyday.

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