Novozymes already enjoys good relations with American decision makers, a fact which – among other things - resulted in President Bush’s visit to a Novozymes facility last February. Novozymes’s new office is located at the Danish embassy in Washington, D.C. The purpose is to create new and improve existing contacts with decision makers within the American government and with relevant Federal Agencies and industry trade organisations based in DC

Relations with the authorities

While in Europe the contact between companies and authorities is solely handled by trade associations, in the US each company must also itself ensure good relations which may serve as a basis for developing its position in the American market. Washington, D.C. is also a good base for work with trade associations.

”Our Washington office is an important step in the development of our relations with US authorities and global decision makers,” says Garrett Screws, Governmental Relations Manager for Novozymes, USA. ”The public opinion on biotechnology is changing at the moment and that’s why it’s important that Novozymes has the right contacts and access to those forums that lead the discussions on which role industrial biotechnology should play in society and what is needed in terms of development in this area.”

Biotechnology and future growth

Right now Novozymes enjoys a unique position. Because of the need for renewable energy and the growing interest in sustainable energy, Novozymes receives many enquiries on how the company’s technologies and skills may be exploited. This situation provides ample opportunity to improve business and prepare future areas of growth.

Novozymes supplies an important part of the enzymes used for manufacturing bioethanol in the US. The more than 800 in Novozymes, USA work within production, research and sales.