A filed patent application is the first tangible result of the partnership between Novozymes and Solae that was announced on October 13, 2008. Solae develops soy-based ingredients and technologies for the food, meat, and nutritional products industries.


Better taste and solubility
“The patent application from Novozymes and Solae is for an innovative technology for improving soy proteins. This new technology is made possible with enzymes provided by Novozymes, and enables the proteins to meet the requirements of consumers as well as to enjoy a much more widespread use as a food ingredient,” says Anders Østergård, Marketing Director for Feed, Food and Specialties in Novozymes. “We are still in the development phase using this technology,” he continues, “with the outcome of the patent application as yet unknown.”


Soy proteins often have a bitter or beany taste that is undesirable in most food products, and they do not dissolve well for use in beverage products. The new technology improves both the taste and the solubility of the soy proteins, making it possible for food manufacturers to include higher levels of these proteins in their products and to introduce them to new products.


Soy proteins are used in a variety of food products, such as infant formula, meal replacement drinks, sports bars, and sports beverages. The soy proteins increase the nutritional value of the food products while also improving the taste of these products. Soy proteins also effect reduced cholesterol levels, thereby helping reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In 2007, there were 1,400 product launches worldwide with soy protein.