Today Novozymes announced the launch of a new enzyme solution with multiple enzyme activities that can simplify production, free up working capital and save money. Targeting the small and mid-size detergent producers, this solution is known as Medley.

This multi enzymes solution offers several advantages to detergent manufacturers. It is the first blend of enzymes ever introduced for the broad market. Available in five different versions, Medley makes it easier for manufacturers to procure and handle raw materials and develop new liquid formulations.

“With a solution such as Medley, detergent producers can reduce their working capital. It also means they need just one product, so this is a simple and broad solution,” says Anders Lund, Vice President of global marketing at Novozymes. “At the same time, Medley makes it possible for detergent manufacturers to replace some of the chemicals they use and still produce a more efficient detergent.”

Plug and play for the detergent industry
Novozymes’ launch of Medley is the most significant introduction for Novozymes’ Household Care business so far in 2014.  It mainly targets the liquid detergent market. Around *1/3 of all detergents sold worldwide are liquid and the share of liquid detergents is growing.
But with Medley being introduced in multiple versions tackling different regional requirements, it can also be used in powder detergents.
“When developing the Medley solutions, we considered different needs throughout the world, and focused on the specific stain removal most needed in each region. This means that Medley is tailored to different geographies such as Europe, Asia, China and Africa - and the blends support that strategy,” Anders Lund says.

As the first multi enzyme solution developed for the broad market, Anders Lund expects it to be especially valuable for small and mid-size producers of detergents.

“Producing a detergent is quite a complex process. You could say that this new enzyme formulation technology is Novozymes’ helping to simplify the process by delivering a plug and play solution to the industry,” Anders Lund says.

“Medley helps soapers to stand out in a crowded market, because it’s active enzymes secures specific performance claims  can be made. This new enzyme technology ensures that consumers have a better detergent which cleans clothes more efficiently and keeps the fabric looking new for a longer time.”

Medley was launched for Europe at the Montreux conference. After the initial introduction to Europe, Novozymes’ new enzyme technology for detergent producers will be introduced worldwide.

 *Source: EuroMonitor