Increased consumer awareness about food and its direct link to health and wellness means that food manufacturers need to pay extra attention to their processing aids and the quality of their final products.  This was very evident at the IFT in July 2015, and here are 5 ways that Novozymes’ enzymes can help: 

1)     Dairy for everyone

Lactose-free products enable lactose intolerant consumers to benefit from all necessary nutrients available in milk. Novozymes’ lactase enzyme, Lactozym® Pure, effectively breaks down lactose into a mixture consisting primarily of glucose and galactose, and leads to dairy products which can be safely digested by virtually everyone.


2)     Delicious snacks, less acrylamide

Acrylamide is a chemical compound naturally formed in some food types when baked, fried, toasted or roasted and is considered to be a potential health risk. Novozymes’ Acrylaway® modifies the amino acid asparagine which is responsible for the formation of acrylamide during cooking.  This significantly reduces the level of acrylamide across a wide range of consumer products such as cookies, snacks, and French fries. On 4 June 2015, EFSA published its first full risk assessment of acrylamide in food. Experts from EFSA’s Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain (CONTAM) reconfirmed previous evaluations that acrylamide in food potentially increases the risk of developing cancer for consumers in all age groups


3)     Abolishing transfats

Hydrogenation is one way of producing margarine and shortenings with the right consistency and melting properties – but it also generates trans-fatty acids. Enzymatic interesterification with Novozymes Lipozyme® TL IM produces a high quality, more natural fat, while preserving more of the valuable nutrients in the oil - and it produces no transfatty acids.


4)     More protein, please!

Protein fortified foods and beverages are a popular method to stay healthy in a quick and convenient way. Their production depends heavily on vegetable and dairy proteins as key ingredients, and Novozymes’ proteases can help improve digestibility and provide readily absorbable and soluble proteins that are free from the often associated, bitter taste.


5)     Maximize taste, minimize salt content

Almost 80% of the salt in our diets comes from packaged and prepared foods, and processed meat, such as sausages and ham. Novozymes’ Protamex® and Flavourzyme® can convert meat co-products into a rich, meat-flavored broth called Meat Protein Extract (MPE). MPE can be used in meat processing as a tool to help reduce salt content.  When added to sodium-reduced meat products, it helps to improve flavor, texture and water binding – so the final meat product is of high quality and has a significantly lower salt content.