Like in 2006, Novozymes has been rated one of the 100 most sustainable companies globally in 2007. The Global 100 list of the most sustainable companies in the world for 2007 is the result of studies and research of 1800 international companies carried out by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors and Corporate Knights.


The Global 100 both provides information to investors with an interest in sustainable companies and serves as a benchmark for companies’ sustainability performance.


120 different factors

In response to increasing investor demand for information on sustainability, the companies have not only been evaluated on traditional financial performance. Novozymes along with the other corporations have been rated using 120 different factors such as energy use, health and safety records, employee practices, and management systems for dealing with supplier problems.


“We are very proud of this recognition”, says Anna Lise Mortensen Grandjean, Vice President, Stakeholder Communication and Sustainability Development at Novozymes. ”I believe that our impressive performance in an analysis of 120 different factors has to do with the fact that sustainability is part of our way of doing business. Our efforts are not for the sake of appearances, but because we believe that sustainable development creates value for the company and its shareholders.”


The final Global 100 lists the companies that have been better than their industry peers to identify and manage environmental, social and governance risks and to take advantage of new business opportunities within this field.


The first Global 100 list was launched in 2005. The list is updated annually and like the previous two years, the list for 2007 was presented in connection with the World Economic Forum in Davos.