No one can predict what the future holds but the Canadian magazine Corporate Knights and New York-based investment research firm Innovest Strategic Value Advisors Inc. give their take on those 100 companies they believe to be the safest long-term bets. The list tracks which companies are doing best in several major sustainability-related areas, including human capital, environmental risks, governance and more and add the results in order to determine which 100 companies are poised to still be around in the year 2109.

The Global 100 list was started in 2005 and it is the fourth time that Novozymes is on the unranked list where goliaths such as Google, Apple and Microsoft didn’t make it. Companies from 15 countries were included in the top 100, the majority of which are American and British companies. According to Corporate Knights' editor Toby Heaps, companies like the Global 100 that prudently take care of the interests of all their stakeholders offer the best bet for society and investors in the long term. Furthermore the companies on the list are predicted to succeed during the global financial crisis due to good management making them more agile to changing circumstances.

“We're very proud once again to be listed on the Global 100 list,” says Thomas Nagy, Executive Vice President for Stakeholder Relations at Novozymes. “Generally, the response from stakeholders is immensely important to our ability to develop an appropriate approach to sustainability. Independent ratings, benchmarks, and awards based on well-defined criteria are valuable responses to what we do. Obtaining independent feedback of this nature is important, and it's a goal for us to consistently be one of the very best among our peers in this respect.”

Most of the companies are older companies, with the average age at 102. The list was in connection with the World Economic Forum in Davos, where Novozymes was represented by CEO Steen Riisgaard.