To better understand how everyday Americans do laundry, the YouGov Analysis Institute polled more than 1,000 respondents – all of whom were parents under 60 years old. The survey showed that: 

1. Stains are a pain
52% of respondents said stains are the most important consideration when doing laundry. They want to get that stain out immediately, and nearly half will wash a blouse three or more times to remove a stain.

31% stated that fresh smell is the most important factor when doing laundry, followed by 12% who considered keeping colors bright their top priority.
2. Blood causes most concern
35% were most concerned about blood stains. Yellow armpit stains (33%) and grass (32%) came in #2 and #3.

3. Men step up to laundry duty
The survey showed that 95% of respondents do their laundry at home, and that more than half (53%) do laundry 2-6 times per week. Only 5% of respondents use a self-service laundry.

More women than men do laundry, but the survey showed that 15% of dads do laundry daily, with a third doing laundry once a week, as compared with 22% of moms.

4. Laundry over exercise
48% of all respondents said they prefer to do the laundry instead of exercising. 
Again, there’s a difference between men and women here. 56% of the men would rather head to the gym than do the laundry, while 54% of women put the laundry before the gym. 

5. What Americans would give up to not do laundry
Americans would give up a lot of things to get out of doing laundry for a whole month. 30% would give up wine, beer and liquor. 27% would give up bacon, 24% would stop swearing, 21% would drop using social media – and 10% would give up sex.

6. When wearing white
The danger of staining a white shirt or dress is so great, that 28% of Americans would avoid BBQ, 26% would avoid pasta and 22% would not eat pizza – when wearing white.

7. What’s worse than stains?

When asked which is worse - telling a friend about a stain on their clothes, or that they have something caught in their teeth - 49% of respondents chose the former. 28% said that neither of these are bad at all.

The survey consisted of 1,008 CAWI interviews of U.S. citizens aged 25-60, conducted in May 18-20, 2016.

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