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The Novozymes Award for Excellence in Biochemical and Chemical Engineering is made to a distinguished Chemical or Biochemical Engineer, and includes a trophy and monetary prize of 100, 000 Danish kroner.

The award is established in honor and appreciation of the contributions of Professor John Villadsen to education and research in chemical and biochemical engineering.

Nominations for the award are solicited prior to June 1, every year, and the winner is selected by a panel headed by the Senior Vice President for Research & Technology at Novozymes. The winner is announced at an annual symposium at Novozymes’ headquarters in Bagsværd, Denmark.

Selection of awardees is based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation through research, education, or practice of chemical and biochemical engineering.
  • Successful development of new products, processes or services. 
  • Research at the interface of chemical or biological science and engineering. 
  • Significant publication, patents, or technology development in the field. 
  • Demonstrated economic or social impact through innovation or practice of chemical and biochemical engineering. Economic impact includes gross revenues generated by a new product or process, cost savings made possible by a new process, reductions in environmental impact, or benefits to health and safety in the workplace, or of consumers and patients. 

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About John Villadsen

Prof. John Villadsen is a pioneer in the design and development of catalysts for the chemical industry, and of biotechnological processes based on enzymatic and whole cell transformations. He introduced mathematical modeling for the design of catalysts and developed the method of orthogonal collocation, which is used in many complex simulation methods.

Prof. Villadsen has worked with the Technical University of Denmark and other global universities for nearly 50 years. His efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry have resulted in the development of many novel technologies that have been put to commercial use. An excellent teacher, he established the Lyngby School of Biochemical Engineering and has had a profound impact on science education in Denmark.

Previous prize winners
 2015: Professor John Villadsen, DTU
 2016: Professor Bernhard Palsson, DTU & UCSD

Related awards: the Novozymes Prize and the Enzyme Assay Scientist Award.