The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for mankind. In Novozymes, our first priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of Zymers, our employees. Zymers worldwide are doing an incredible job also during this time, whether working from home or working at one of our production sites or laboratories to keep our operations running.

Our global presence, timely crisis response and the dedication of all Zymers, has enabled us to keep supplying our products to our customers. I am proud and grateful for the contributions from our employees.

I can assure Novozymes’ customers that we are committed to ensuring a steady supply by keeping our productions and logistics working. We know that you are depending on our solutions in order to serve your customers.

Some of our technologies play a part in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic e.g. as active ingredients in testing kits, and in keeping the world going via providing inputs to sanitation and cleaning products as well as foods. We therefore have an obligation to society to continue our production and uphold essential functions at our sites.

At the same time, we strive to play an active role in supporting the communities where we operate, and sharing our knowledge, facilities and experience to make a difference in any way we can. As industry leader, we have a long-term commitment to all our stakeholders.

While the pandemic is an urgent and immediate crisis, we must not lose sight of the long-term needs of the world. Our purpose ‘Together, we find biological answers for better lives in a growing world’ is more relevant now than ever. Our sustainable solutions enable the production of more from less, putting less strain on our planet and our shared resources. While we strive to help where we can right now and work together with our partners worldwide, we also look to supply the next generation of biological innovations, because they will make a long-term impact.

Once again, I would like to thank Zymers globally for their continued dedication to our customers and our communities during these challenging times. I am very impressed by how Zymers are showing flexibility and commitment. We will get through these challenging times together by staying safe, connected and innovative.

Ester Baiget
President & CEO
Novozymes A/S