Financial results 9M

Our results for the first nine months of 2016 have been released.

Honored by the UN

Honored by the UN

The UN Global Compact recognizes Novozymes as a pioneer for sustainable business strategies.

Global Goals, good business

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins, found everywhere in nature. When one substance needs to be transformed into another, nature uses enzymes to speed up the process.

Fortune Change The World

We are proud to be a top 10 company on Fortune Magazine’s Change the World list

The laundry wars: Enzymes vs toddlers

Nobody makes tougher food stains than a toddler and nothing is tougher on laundry stains than enzymes.

Meet the Petersons

Find out how enzymes are present in everyday life.

Tiny microbes play a big role

See how microorganisms benefit agriculture, animal health, wastewater and cleaning.