Big and interconnected global challenges are queuing up: We need to solve climate change and fix broken food systems and ensure healthier lives for billions of people. One key solution might be smaller than you think – microscopic even. Nevertheless, it holds the answer to solving multiple challenges at the same time. 
We call it a biosolution.

Together, we can use biosolutions to:


... produce low climate-impact proteins


Bread waste

… cut emissions from bread waste


Farmer harvesting

… plug into the power of plants for more fuel, power, heat and feed


Capturing emissions

... capture emissions from industry


Shrinking laundrys carbon footprint

... shrink laundry’s carbon footprint


Tractor plowing field

... improve food security in the face of climate change


Improving nutrition and smallholders

...enabling healthier lives and provides smallholders with a steady income all year round


… but what is a biosolution?

When we combine biology – the study of life – with technology, we enter the world of biotech. Here, enzymes and microbes give us amazing biosolutions. See two examples of how we’ve studied life to improve our everyday lives.

Let’s leave a healthy, viable planet for generations to come

By 2050 we’ll need to feed nine billion people. Even today, the world is struggling with climate change, while meeting the nutritional needs of expanding populations without exhausting the planet’s resources. It is a growing challenge, and it will take a lot to fix it. Our CEO Ester Baiget calls for that most important requirement of all – collaboration.   

Learn how in the blogpost on World Economic Forum’s website 

Biosolutions are solving some of our biggest challenges

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Accelerating towards a climate- neutral society

55 billion tonnes. That’s what our combined CO2 equivalent emissions come to in just one year. Together with our customers, we’re lowering emissions in industry and food production. We’re also removing fossil-based ingredients from everyday products and capturing carbon. All to protect the planet we love.

asian woman staning the the vegtables department of a supermarket

Transforming food systems

9.7 billion people will need food in 2050. That means we need to rethink food production from field to fork. With biosolutions, our customers are growing more per acre and ensuring better quality, more nutritious food. They’re generating less food waste and serving up plant-based and alternative proteins. This is the recipe that can help us meet our future needs.

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Enabling healthier lives

In supermarkets and health stores around the world, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their wellbeing and health. Our biosolutions provide supplements for better gut health. They also make lower-sugar, higher-fiber dairy possible. And they lead to healthier baked goods. These are just some of the ways they enable healthier lives.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts and thereby help complex reactions occur everywhere in life. When one substance needs to be transformed into another, nature uses the catalyzing enzymes to speed up and control the process. 

What are microbes?

Microbes are living organisms such as fungi or bacteria. Like enzymes, our microorganisms have properties that influence processes and reactions.

What others are saying

A Bio Revolution is under way

“A Bio Revolution is under way. Fueled by the confluence of progress and innovation in biological sciences and technology, this movement has the potential to help the world overcome its biggest challenges.” 

McKinsey & Company: Europe’s Bio Revolution: Biological innovations for complex problems

Bio solutions have a strong potential to deliver on climate goals

“In addition to decarbonisation, bio solutions can lower land use, increase yields, increase biodiversity, reduce feed, food waste, pesticides use, and water consumption, and enhance the food supply and food security.”

Copenhagen Economics: The potential of bio solutions 

Biosolutions can help solve many of the challenges that we face today – and there is so much left to explore. Sign up for our biosolutions newsletter to stay connected to the amazing world of biosolutions and innovation. Let’s Rethink Tomorrow.

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