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Lina Danstrup

Lina Danstrup

Head of External Communicationlind@novozymes.com+45 30 77 05 52
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Benjamin Hjorth

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Xiaolong Li (Sean Lee)

Xiaolong Li (Sean Lee)

China | Public Relations Managerxol@novozymes.com+86 186 1337 1101
Priyangshu Dutta

Priyangshu Dutta

India | Head of Public Affairs and Relationspdt@novozymes.com+91 9650680077
Daniela Santucci

Daniela Santucci

Latin America | Head of Corporate Communication and Branddsam@novozymes.com+55 41 99196-0458
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Kathy Humphrey

Head of Communications, North Americakhp@novozymes.com+1 919-494-8764

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Farmers Latin America
26.05.23 | 5 minute read

Supporting sustainable growth in the LATAM livestock sector

Latin American livestock production improves economies, creates employment and supports food security in the region. The sector is forecasted to grow, but soybean market volatility and climate change could put this growth at risk. Latin American producers are looking for ways to get more from soybean meal and make their production more sustainable. The feed enzymes we develop with our partner DSM help on both fronts.

Farmers Latin America
26.05.23 | 5 minute read

Apoiando o crescimento sustentável do setor de produção animal na América Latina

A produção animal na América Latina promove o crescimento da economia, gera empregos e apoia a segurança alimentar na região. A expectativa é de que o setor cresça, no entanto a volatilidade do mercado de soja e as mudanças climáticas podem por em risco esse crescimento. Os produtores da América Latina estão buscando maneiras de aproveitar ao máximo o farelo de soja e tornar sua produção mais sustentável. As enzimas que desenvolvemos em parceria com a DSM ajudam nessas duas frentes.

Farmers Latin America
26.05.23 | 5 minute read

Apoyando el crecimiento sostenible del sector de la producción animal en Latinoamérica

La producción animal en Latinoamérica hace crecer la economía, crea empleos, y apoya la seguridad alimentaria en la región. Se espera que el sector crezca, sin embargo, la volatilidad del mercado de la soja y el cambio climático pueden poner en riesgo este crecimiento. Los productores de Latinoamérica están buscando maneras de sacarle el máximo provecho a la harina de soja y hacer su producción más sostenible. Las enzimas que desarrollamos en conjunto con DSM ayudan en ambos frentes.

Sang Yup Lee
08.05.23 | 2 minute read

Novozymes honors world leader in developing environmentally friendly microbial bioprocesses

The 2023 recipient of Novozymes Award on Excellence in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is professor Sang Yup Lee from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), a thought leader in the engineering of bacteria for production of sustainable chemicals.

Rainer Lehmann
04.05.23 | 2 minute read

Change to the Executive Leadership Team

Rainer Lehmann will join Novozymes as new CFO and EVP as Lars Green has decided to step down to pursue a non-executive career. 

Pregnant woman choosing bread brand
02.05.23 | 3 minute read

How can makers and formulators of baked goods adapt to changing buying habits?

The challenge continues for formulators and bakers – starting with a pandemic, international conflicts, and the resulting economic crisis. Here’s how to look beyond the fog and determine consumer-centric next steps.

Introducing Novamyl® BestBite
02.05.23 | 3 minute read

New Novamyl® BestBite solution raises the bar for fresh texture and shelf-life in baking

The newest Novamyl® baking product from Novozymes, Novamyl® BestBite, puts texture at the forefront of baking while delivering significant improvements in freshness, ultimately improving shelf-life and lowering food waste. 

innova yeast hero
28.04.23 | 5 minute read

A mais recente inovação em levedura oferece desempenho sem igual para a indústria de bioenergia

A Novozymes lança o Innova® Prime, levedura avançada projetada para eliminar gargalos da fermentação, reduzindo o alto custo da demanda por uréia e aumentando o rendimento do etanol sem sacrificar a robustez aos estressores comuns do processo de produção.

Novozymes Headquarters in Bagsvaerd, Denmark
26.04.23 | 8 minute read

Novozymes delivers stronger than expected Q1 results

After the first quarter of 2023, Novozymes delivers stronger results than expected with 5% organic sales growth. The company confirms the 2023 outlook of 4-7% which is expected to be driven by pricing and volume growth. 

Novozymes HQ
26.01.23 | 8 minute read

Novozymes delivers historically strong full-year results

Novozymes is delivering strong growth and earnings in a volatile market environment with 9% organic sales growth in 2022. This marks the highest organic sales growth in more than a decade, and Novozymes is confident about the 2023 outlook of 4-7%.


Flexible feedstock future for biodiesel

Never before has it been clear the biodiesel industry needs to adopt technologies that can provide much-needed flexibility to switch to the lowest cost feedstock. Bio-based solutions are a proven technology that can make a difference

separation corn
30.11.22 | 3 minute read

New enzyme takes corn separation to the next level

The new enzymatic solution Frontia® Prime from Novozymes enables corn starch and sweetener manufacturers to further increase their yields, save additional energy and cut even more their CO2 emissions. Frontia® Prime is the second-generation corn separation enzyme.

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