Enzymes in grain & starch

Optimize starch and grain processing, improve margins, and produce the highest value output possible. Use less water and energy. Novozymes can help make it happen.

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The ideal catalysts

Reaction efficiency, specific action, and the ability to work under many conditions all make enzymes the ideal catalysts for the starch and grain-processing industry. Produced from nature’s own microorganisms, enzymes are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

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Reach your plant's maximum potential

Boost productivity, extract added value and create new value streams. We offer the technical and commercial support that can help you identify the right enzyme to run a trial.

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Explore solutions beyond our current portfolio

Looking for solutions that go beyond our current portfolio? At Novozymes, we're always excited to hear new ideas for biosolutions and help bring them to life.

Stay on top of trends in grain & starch

We regularly update our LinkedIn page with industry insights. Follow us there for the latest insight in agriculture and industrial biosolutions. You’ll also be able to download white papers and reports and register for our popular webinars.

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