Enzymes for liquefaction

Low-pH liquefaction - cut pH chemicals by 50%


What is isomerization?

Production of fructose syrup requires converting glucose into a mixture of glucose and fructose by running the glucose syrup through a bed of immobilized glucose isomerase enzyme. 

With Novozymes’ high-quality glucose isomerase, you can achieve consistently high productivity and low cost of conversion. 

How can enzymes help?

Liquefaction should run efficiently, but sometimes it doesn’t. 

Just a few of the challenges are the cost of chemical inputs and removing them later with ion exchange, incomplete conversion, and iodine-positive issues causing quality and filtration issues 

DE (dextrose equivalent) development in liquefaction is determined by process conditions, enzyme dosage and efficiency. Novozymes’ range of alpha-amylases can optimize the liquefaction process in terms of cost, quality and efficiency under a wide variety of conditions. With LpHera®, you can cut your chemical costs by more than 50%.


Which solution is right for you?

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