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We are a company
with a purpose

novozymes purpose

Our biosolutions give us the power to imagine if

If animal protein were replaced by sustainable alternatives…
If transportation were powered by renewable sources…
If fossil-based chemicals in laundry detergents were replaced with bioinnovation…
If chemical pesticides in agriculture were replaced with biologicals...


With the power of biotech, we work together with our customers for a healthy planet


Introducing our strategy

It is a commitment
...that allows customers to grow their business
...that creates an attractive investment for shareholders
...that helps a growing world in urgent need of answers

We are here to unlock growth – powered by unparalleled biotech, powered by purpose

Unlocking growth

Unlocking growth
– powered by biotech

Novozymes strategy

Growth pillars

Unlocking the full potential of our growth opportunities


Key drivers of our business


Our commitments to a healthy planet

Growth pillars

Evolve our core business

Evolve our core business

This growth pillar covers the majority of Novozymes’ business. These business areas are creating the biobased world with essential renewable energy, paradigm shifts in biodegradable, chemical-free products, unsurpassed consumer benefits, better food and new levels of agricultural yield to handle growing consumption.

Expand biohealth and human nutrition

Expand BioHealth & Human Nutrition

There is global pressure on food systems and people’s health with a large demand in the market for proven solutions. Novozymes will increase its focus to make a difference in these expanding and important markets.

Explore new options for growth

Explore new options for growth

Again and again, Novozymes has brought transformative innovations that shape industries. In this growth pillar, we embrace the right and the obligation to dream. Guided by our commitments to a healthy planet, we work with a venture mindset discover tomorrow’s transformative growth platforms.


Zymers & culture

Across Novozymes, Zymers bring together diverse and complementary skills, a spirit of collaboration and shared values into a vibrant culture.

We celebrate our talent, pride and passion and continue to take our exceptional capabilities and diversity further for world-changing impact.

Graduates listening to a mentor

An unparalleled
biotech platform

Novozymes is at the forefront of biotechnology and the undisputed leader in enzymes. We have built, refined and tuned our core technological strongholds and capabilities for more than a century, bringing the world transformative innovations. We build on:   

  • Superior R&D capabilities with the ultimate fermentation expertise
  • Leading global microbe library and 100-year legacy in proteins
  • Unequaled investments in science

We will strengthen our excellence by focusing on stronger platforms in microbes and precision proteins while continuing to develop our unsurpassed enzyme leadership.

Zymers in Lyngby Innovation Campus

Unique production competences

Every minute of every day, Novozymes is upscaling, producing and delivering biosolutions across the globe. We deliver the future of biotech, and our customers trust us to be there. We build on:

  • Unrivaled end-to-end global supply and manufacturing set-up
  • Exceptional scale-up and high-quality products
  • Outstanding track record of productivity improvements

We will strengthen our excellence by focusing on food-grade probiotics and protein supply while advancing our core production.

Novozymes production plant

Customer co-creation & commercial leadership

We obsess about market needs and creating value for our customers – listening intently to understand what the market and customers want. The goal is to be a strong partner for our customers and to help create products that will delight them and consumers. We build on:

  • Exceptional application research and technical services
  • Deep knowledge from more than 30 industries and 130 markets
  • Global reach with local presence
  • Customer application centers in selected markets

We will strengthen our excellence with increased capabilities in commercial and digital activities. We will immerse ourselves in the world of our customers with customer co-creation centers for food and health.

Customer co-creation

Our commitments to a healthy planet

Woman thinking about the climate

Accelerate towards a climate-neutral society

Rethinking how to reduce CO2 emissions by enabling industries to move away from fossil-based energy and chemicals.

We pave the way for the bio-based society – from solutions that enable lower CO2 emissions to carbon capture – to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and protect the planet we love.

asian woman staning the the vegtables department of a supermarket

Transform food systems

Rethinking food production from farm to fork by growing more per acre, ensuring better quality, nutritious food and enabling alternative proteins.

We engage deeply in sustainable agriculture and food production to help feed and nourish a growing world.

young man standing outdoor smiling among friends

Enable healthier lives

Rethinking how to improve people’s quality of life by empowering them to take control of their health with supplements and functional foods.

We use biology to help enhance nutrition and increase wellbeing – for healthier, happier lives

Zymer having a meeting and making a meaningful impact

Employees & society

Living our purpose and enabling employees to find their work engaging and meaningful is the most sustainable advantage Novozymes can ever obtain.

We believe in continuing to develop employees in a thriving, diverse and inclusive community, where we inspire each other and society to make change happen.

Novozymes operations


We hold ourselves accountable for the impact we have on our planet and are committed to world-leading sustainability performance in our operations and supply chain.

We see this as a holistic, end-to-end commitment, working together with customers, suppliers, local communities and many other partners.

Our targets


Employees & society


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Together we…

The very first word is TOGETHER because we cannot do this alone. Partnerships, communities, and alliances of the willing are the way to make a difference in a world full of complex challenges and large opportunities

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