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At Novozymes, we consider learning and personal development an enabler to performance, and crucial to our success and innovation power. Consequently, we ensure consistent focus on your development as we strive to build a strong learning culture and an everyday work life that stimulate your curiosity to learn new things in a collaborative environment.

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Research and development

Join Novozymes to work with some of the best scientists in the field to discover and develop tomorrow’s bio-solutions.

Enzymes, microorganisms, production strains and technologies – science and technology are the root of everything we do.

As a scientist on our research and development team, you’ll be guided to find the shortest route from idea to reality so that your bright ideas can be our next innovative product.


Join Novozymes to help us optimize our production technologies while focusing on quality.

Raw material inventories, fermentation, recovery and granulation, maintenance and environmental operations are all key aspects of our production facilities.

As an engineer on our production teams, you’ll work on yield optimization and assay development to support future growth, while ensuring our products are ready on time and in compliance with our high-quality standards.

Sales and marketing

Join Novozymes to bring the best solutions to our customers through promotion and sales excellence. 

Bridging the gap between customer needs and our innovations is how our sales and marketing team drive our business. 
As a sales or marketing professional on our team, you’ll establish close relationships and ongoing dialogues with our customers to understand their needs and bring us essential input for our development of solutions. 

Your understanding of market dynamics will help you develop and execute strategies that meet customers’ needs and create a connection to our innovative solutions.

Technical services

Join Novozymes to work with customers to improve industrial products and processes.

Ensuring our customers are getting the most from our solutions and identifying opportunities to improve in the future is what makes our technical services team essential to our current and future success.

As a member of our technical services team, you’ll combine your technical expertise, your relationship building skills, and your innovation mindset to ensure a cleaner environment through solutions that work effectively.

Supply chain

Join Novozymes to help us deliver right quality at the right time to our customers. 

Serving our customers and freeing up capacity for further growth is the core of what our supply chain team does.

As a planning professional, engineer or logistics professional on our supply chain team, you’ll help us deliver the right quality at the right time by optimizing every step of the process.

Staff functions

Join Novozymes to drive performance within a complex global business environment.

Working strategically as a united function to bring business insight and support across a growing global company is how staff functions take us further on the journey towards excellence.

As a member of our staff functions team, you’ll work with colleagues from Communications, Finance, IT, Investor Relations, Legal, HR and facility management to meet business needs. You’ll teams up with strategic business advisors and process designers to improve corporate business processes.

Students and graduates

Join Novozymes on internships, student worker or graduate programs or work with us on MSc, BSc and PhD projects. 

Get an insight into our global company while giving us a fresh perspective on our business.

As a student or graduate on our global team, you’ll be given a range of responsibilities that will develop your skills and strengthen your qualifications.

Internships and student opportunities

At Novozymes, we are always looking for talented students with innovative mindsets and an eagerness to try out and learn new things.

Are you a passionate student who wants the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience within your field of study? Are you curious and open to learn what it means to work in a world-leading biotech powerhouse with an inclusive and high-performing culture?

We have many great opportunities depending on your geographical location. Click on our different opportunities in your country below and get insights from our current and previously students about what it is like working with our world-class team. Open positions are posted on our job portal on an ongoing basis.

Do you want to see if something matches your job search? Click on the link below. You can also create a job agent to keep yourself up-to-date with upcoming positions.

Global graduate program

Click to learn more about the program.

Internship programs

Internship programs are offered in China, India and North America.

Student positions

Student positions are offered in Denmark and Latin America.

Trainee programs

Trainee programs are offered in Denmark

Case competition

The case competition Doing Business In (DBI) is offered in Denmark

Scholarship program

The Novo Scholarship Program is offered in Denmark

Internship programs

Joining a Novozymes internship program provides you with an excellent opportunity to gain practical knowledge as part of your studies. An internship can be full time or part time within a chosen functional area.

For the latest job openings, click on "open positions" or create a job agent. We offer internship programs in North America, India and China.

Summer internships in North America

We offer a summer internship program that provides a wide range of opportunities for current college students in Engineering, Research and Development, Technical Service, Commercial and other functions.

We pride ourselves in offering real-world projects and providing interns with multiple networking opportunities to help facilitate personal and professional growth. Our summer internships last for 10-12 weeks, are full time, and most often start in May. Open positions are posted from September.

Are you curious to learn more? Check out the video to hear Kathryn elaborate on being an intern in North America.


Internships in India

We offer a lab internship for students who can work on projects full time for a period of six months. We hire lab interns based on vacancies throughout the year. Interns can be from bachelor, master, and PhD programs in Food Technology, Household Care or related fields.

We also offer a summer management internship where 6-10 interns are selected from MBA schools. The selection process takes place in the fall and the internship takes place in spring the following year. Management interns are secured assessment and interview for the coming selection process for Novozymes’ global graduate program.

Are you curious to learn more? Check out the video to hear Mamta elaborate on being an intern in India.

Internships in China

We offer internships that run in a period from 3-6 months and can be either full or part-time. During an internship, you will be able to participate in a business area you are interested in such as Research and Development, Marketing, Sales, Quality, Productions, Finance, HR etc.

The selection process typically takes place during spring and fall based on demand.

Are you curious to learn more? Check out the video to hear Du elaborate on being an intern in China.

Student positions

Becoming a student assistant in Novozymes is a great opportunity to gain practical experience within your field of study and test theories in practice. To be considered for a student position, you must be enrolled in a study program. Student positions are part-time positions.

Positions are posted on our job portal on an ongoing basis. For the latest job openings, click on "open positions" or create a job agent. We offer student positions in Denmark and Latin America.

Student assistant in Denmark

We offer student assistant positions within many fields of study, ranging from Research and Development to Commercial or positions within Finance, HR, Communication, and more. Both bachelor and master students can apply for student positions.

Are you curious to learn more? Check out the video to hear Christian and Simone elaborate on being a student assistant in Denmark.

Student helper in Latin America

We offer student helper positions within many fields of study, such as Finance, Commercial, Marketing, Production, Logistics, Purchasing, and more. The program can consist of an up to two-year contract or until graduation, if the school end date is within two years.

Are you curious to learn more? Check out the video to hear Alanis and Mathias elaborate on being a student helper in Latin America.


At blive en del af et elevprogram i Novozymes kan være en spændende måde at kickstarte din karriere i en tidlig alder. Vi har fire elevtyper: procesoperatørelever, håndværkerlærlinge, laborantpraktikanter og administrationselever. Fælles for alle fire elevprogrammer er, at du får en unik mulighed for at få praktisk erfaring.

Laborantpraktikanter og procesoperatørelever ansættes typisk to gange om året, i februar og september. Håndværkerlærlinge ansættes efter behov, og antallet kan variere fra år til år. Administrationselever ansættes normalt en gang om året, ofte i september. Elevprogrammets længde afhænger af den specifikke elevuddannelse. Du vil dog i alle elevprogrammer arbejde på fuld tid.

Vi tilbyder elevstillinger i Danmark.

Er du nysgerrig efter at vide mere? Se hvad vores operatørelev Jonas, håndværkerelev Rune, administrationselev Walter og laborantpraktikant Yasmin siger om hvordan det er at være elev I Danmark.

Trainee programs

Becoming a trainee in Novozymes can be an exciting way to kick-start your career. We have four types of trainees: process operator trainees, artisan apprentices, lab interns and administrative trainees. Each of the four trainee programs will give you a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience.

Lab interns and process operator trainees are usually hired twice a year, in February and September. Artisan apprentices are hired in as needed, and the number may vary from year to year. Administrative trainees are usually hired once a year in September. The length of the trainee program depends upon the specific trainee education. Trainee programs are full-time.

We currently only offer trainee positions in Denmark.

Are you curious to know more? See what our process operator trainee Jonas, artisan apprentice Rune, administrative trainee Walter and lab intern Yasmin say about being a trainee in Denmark.

Smedelærling, Rune:

Som smedelærling oplever man en rigtig god frihed og prøver altid at problemløse selv, før jeg spørger en svend eller mester. Det er sjovt at løse opgaverne selvstændigt og få lov til at tale direkte med kunderne. Opgaverne spænder bredt fra vedligeholdelse af maskiner og at konstruere nye trygbærende rør til at lave små dimser til labs og bygge et ståltag.

Hos Novozymes er der mange muligheder - selvom det er industri er der mulighed for at lære meget forskelligt og gøre sig mange erfaringer, fordi det er en stor arbejdsplads. Her er ikke mangel på værktøj og vii er gode til at bruge sikkerhedsudstyr for at undgå både ulykker og helbredsrisici. Jeg oplever, vi er gode ved hinanden og har et godt sammenhold - jeg er blevet taget rigtigt godt i mod.

Administrationselev, Walter:

Som administrationselev kommer jeg igennem flere forskellige opgaver indenfor det administrative fra små opgaver til større projekter. Jeg lærer både at arbejde med de små detaljer og holde det store overblik. Det er sjovt at få lov til at spænde så bredt i de forskellige opgaver. Jeg har hurtigt fundet arbejdsformen og lært at samarbejde med kollegaerne i afdelingen og på tværs af Novozymes. Der er mulighed for at udforske forskellige afdelinger og lære arbejdsgange fra A til Z. Alt i alt bliver jeg mødt af en masse spændende udfordringer, får lov til at prøve meget forskelligt og får mange udviklingsmuligheder. Jeg er stolt over at være i Novozymes, fordi det er en virksomhed, der gør en forskel og viser vejen indenfor bæredygtighed. Samtidig er her mange muligheder for at udvikle sig alt efter, hvor mine interesser er. Jeg oplever frihed under ansvar og får lov at løse opgaver selvstændigt. 

Operatørlærling, Jonas:

Hos Novozymes er der masser at lære, så elevtiden ikke bliver kedelig, og god frihed til at prøve forskellige områder i produktionen og selv prøve at løse de problemer, jeg møder - enten selv eller i samarbejde i kollegaer. Det ansvar synes jeg er super fedt. Jeg bliver hørt, hvis jeg har input eller forslag, og det gør at jeg tør sige min mening.

Man skal være god til at holde overblikket og planlægge men også omstille sig, hvis der opstår fejl.  Der er mange tekniske elementer, som kan være svære at lære, men der er kollegaer, der kan hjælpe og der sker hele tiden nyt - samtidig med der er tid til at lære. Som procesoperatør arbejder vi i holdskifte og for at det fungerer er samarbejdet vigtigt - vi er sammen dag, aften, nat og helligdage.

Laborantpraktikant, Aske:

Som laborantpraktikant oplever jeg praktikken som en god blanding af teori og praksis. Jeg kan stille alle de spørgsmål, jeg har lyst til og der er dygtige kollegaer at spørge - både andre laboranter og kemikere. Jeg får mulighed for at lave fejl og lære af dem for at finde ud, hvordan jeg finder den bedste løsning. Heldigvis forventes det ikke, at jeg kan det hele på forhånd.

 Jeg har god fleksibilitet både i arbejdstid og arbejdsopgaver, god kommunikation omkring opgaver og samarbejde. Der er ingen dumme spørgsmål - bare du er villig til at lære, er nysgerrig og prøver at forstå teorien bag. Novozymes giver plads til at vi er forskellige, og der er plads til alle.

Elektrikerelev, Michelle

Det er dét, der er virkeligt godt ved at være elektrikerlærling hos Novozymes er, at du kommer hele vejen rundt og får en bred viden om alle de typer af opgaver, som en elektriker kan arbejde med. Du kommer til at lave både
industriopgaver og at arbejde med boliginstallationer - den ene dag laver jeg el i nye kontorer, den næste laver jeg fejlfinding i vores produktion eller arbejder på de store motorer, der får fabrikken til at køre.

Jeg kan ikke rigtigt beskrive en typisk dag på jobbet, for vi laver virkelig mange forskellige ting. Det er det sjoveste; at prøve noget nyt og selv at finde løsningen på opgaven. Du får lov til at prøve tingene af
selv, og kan også ønske at arbejde på bestemte opgaver, hvis der er noget særligt, der interesserer dig. Og så er det rart, at der altid er gode kolleger, jeg kan få hjælp af, når jeg har brug for det. Mine kolleger er søde, og vi har
et godt sammenhold. Der er en god tone og altid nogen, som man kommer godt ud af det med.


DBI Case Competition

Doing Business In (DBI) is an annual study trip and case competition hosted by Novozymes, in partnership with Boston Consulting Group and Djøf.

The two-week trip takes place in the spring every year to one of our global sites. We will visit the local Novozymes site and meet with local companies to understand the business landscape in depth. The trip ends with a 24-hour case study on a challenge that Novozymes faces in the region. You will be asked to solve the case in groups.

Application deadline is in December for the trip the following year. Applicants are selected based on motivational letter, CV and grades. All students in Denmark, regardless of field of study, as well as Danish students abroad on a bachelor or master’s degree, are welcome to apply for the program. We will select up to 30 students every year depending on the destination. Detailed information on the application process can be found by clicking on "learn more".

DBI is a great entry-way to a career in Novozymes, with many former participants currently working within Novozymes in functions across Research and Development, Sales, Marketing and Finance. We offer the case competition in Denmark.

Case competitor in 2016

Meet Morten

Morten joined DBI in 2016 on the trip to New York. We have asked Morten to highlight some of the best experiences from his trip:

“During the trip we had multiple company visits and workshops, but we also had the time to visit the UN in New York and walk around Central Park. In the evening we explored the amazing rooftop bars.”

Today, Morten is a Business Finance Manager in Research and Development (R&D) at Novozymes.


Case competitor in 2020

Meet Jakob

”I participated in DBI when the world was just recovering from COVID, but that didn’t stop us from having the most memorable experiences while staying at a nice resort here in Denmark. We got to learn from some knowledge experts from Novozymes and Boston Consulting Group, and if you are coming with a STEM background like me it is a perfect way to learn about the business and strategic side of running a large modern biotechnology company, while also having a great time!”

Today, Jakob is an Industry Technology Specialist in Consumer Biosolutions at Novozymes. The position provides him with the opportunity to spend time in the laboratory but also to have an impact on the business side of the projects.


Novo scholarship program

For the past 20 years, Novozymes and Novo Nordisk have operated a joint venture initiative sponsoring the Novo Scholarship Program for master students at Danish universities. The program intends to support talents within natural science whereby the subject for the master project must support areas of interest for either Novozymes or Novo Nordisk.

The purpose of the program is to allow students to work full time on their master thesis, as they receive a monthly payment to cover necessary expenses. During the program, students are offered a mentor from either Novozymes or Novo Nordisk.

Students can apply for the program once a year. The application process takes place from October till November. We offer the Novo Scholarship Program in Denmark.

Novo scholar in Denmark

Are you curious to learn more? Watch the video to hear Frederikke elaborate on being a Novo Scholar and which career path this opportunity led her to.