Advanced Protein Solutions

We can help you create tailored protein solutions to meet the exact nutritional needs throughout your consumers’ different stages of life.

Welcome to the future of protein

The next generation of health-enabling proteins is created through fermentation and lets you differentiate your food and beverage products to meet the unique demands of your consumers - in a way that’s climate friendly, animal-free and Future-proofed.

As the world leader in biosolutions with decades of experience in precision fermentation, Novozymes can transform the way you think about protein. So, if you want to improve the lives of consumers and the health of our planet, let’s talk about the future of protein.

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Advanced protein solutions for every stage of life

Are you ready to rethink proteins for good?

Enable healthy living with advanced protein solutions

For many consumers food has taken center stage in a personal quest for better health. Protein is recognized as an essential part of our nutritional intake – not least because of the important role it plays in keeping us healthy and boosting our physical well-being. That’s why precision fermentation is such an exciting opportunity for producers of food and beverages. Its versatility means you can create proteins to meet numerous needs – from improved taste of high protein products to optimized amino acid composition, to proteins for a particular food or beverage format, or specialized protein-fortified products for various medical conditions.

With our Advanced Protein Solutions, we want to help you deliver the specialized and tailored proteins your consumers are looking for. So they can get the full health benefits of protein in the way that suits them best.

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Meet the future protein solutions for different stages in life

Close the gap in infant nutrition

Nearly 90% of consumers in US, Europe & China are in some way unsatisfied with the infant milk formula that they are currently using.

Imagine if we with biosolutions could improve infant nutrition by recreating the milk proteins and close some of the nutritional gaps


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Optimize protein for athletes

49% of global consumers cite “to improve my fitness” as a top reason for following a high protein diet.

Imagine if we could help athletes grow muscle mass by meeting the complex nutritional requirements with good tasting and complete protein solutions

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Improve the lives of people with inborn medical issues

The overall incidence of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) is 1 in 4000 live births and is affecting people all over the world. IEM usually affects babies and children, but they can also occur in adulthood.

Imagine if we could improve the lives of people born with metabolism issues. By offering tailored protein solutions that wouldn’t only ensure the essential protein intake but also be pleasant to consume.

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Provide better senior nutrition

By 2050, globally the number of people aged 65+ will double. Close to 33% of all older adults don’t get the amount of protein they need to stay healthy.

Imagine if we could improve the lives of seniors with reduced appetite by providing better nutritional products for them

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Explore the benefits of
proteins made with
precision fermentation

With protein ingredients made from precision fermentation, we can help you differentiate your food and beverage products. Perhaps the aim is to replicate a dairy protein without involving animals or create protein fortified food and beverage products with specific nutritional or health-enabling benefits. With our advanced protein ingredients, we can work with you to create both protein modifications and replicate existing proteins (bio-identical), and all our solutions comes with a variety of benefits for you as a manufacturer, the consumer and the planet.

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Why is this the future?

less water


Compared to animal-based sources of protein, with precision fermentation, you can save around 90% on CO2 emissions, water and land use. In other words, all the benefits of protein without the strain on the Earth’s resources. Proteins made by fermentation are also independent of climate changes, zoonotic epidemics, and variations in harvests.

no plastics


With precision fermentation no animals are harmed in the production process and there is no exposure to antibiotics, pesticides, microplastics, PFAS, etc., sometimes found in the animal food chain. We can even create bio-identical protein with lower environmental impact and better scalability than animal-derived proteins.

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By creating new or modified types of protein solutions, it is possible to meet unmet consumer needs and in a way that’s safe and controllable. You get future-proofed ingredients with a stable supply based on a proven production technique used for decades to produce enzymes in food and beverage.

What is precision fermentation?

In short, it’s a traditional fermentation process that uses encoded microorganisms to create a specific protein. You define the protein and benefits you want to bring to your food or beverage and we encode microorganisms, like yeast or filamentous fungi, that can produce it. These microorganisms are then added to large fermentation tanks – similar to those used in brewing – where they get to work. The result is a protein source that’s stable, scalable and sustainable.

At Novozymes, we’ve been using this technology for decades. It’s how we make the enzymes used by the food and beverage industry to keep bread fresh, fruit juices clear and beer at its best.

Innovation to transform food systems

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Innovative solutions - from ideation to scale-up

As the experts in biosolutions and fermentation, we have worked as a strategic partner for customers all around the world helping them develop new products.
We strongly believe in collaboration and co-creation in the process of bringing new products to market – from ideation through testing to scale-up.

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Why we need to change our food systems

Globally, the food and beverage industry accounts for almost 34% of all

greenhouse gases. The good news is that there is an alternative way of producing protein that is kinder, safer and more sustainable: precision fermentation.

Want to talk protein?

We believe there is a new exciting future of protein waiting to be discovered. One where you don't need to compromise on nutrition, taste or texture when developing proteins that are better for you and the planet.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you rethink proteins.

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