Quality and safety


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Our ability to anticipate and understand our customers’ present and future needs enables us to deliver high-quality solutions. When these solutions not only meet, but exceed, customer expectations, that is what we call quality.

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Quality products

We deliver high-quality products to our customers based on global standards and procedures which are continuously reviewed and updated.

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Product safety

Novozymes’ extensive experience of producing enzymes has given us a high level of expertise in handling them, as well as microorganisms.

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Our environment footprint

We are constantly exploring new ways of being more environmentally friendly in the workplace.

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In our daily business at Novozymes we focus on keeping the working environment, including the professional development and well-being of our employees, up to high standards.

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Enzymes and safety

Enzymes are approved as safe biological ingredients in the manufacturing of many everyday products. Novozymes works to minimize any potential risks arising from handling of enzymes in production.