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Boost your brands’ cleaning power with biosolutions

Grow your business from highly relevant innovations based on our enzymatic and microbial solutions that will help you meet consumer needs across global markets.

Drive growth across fabric and homecare categories

You’re launching products into an extremely crowded space. To differentiate your brands, you need to set new standards of clean. Our game-changing biosolutions can help. We build them from our enzyme portfolio, which is the broadest on the market and features unique, best-in-class solutions. Through technical co-ideation, we can also develop customized solutions to meet your needs. From laundry to dish, softeners, medical and even cleaning-in-place, we’ve been expanding the detergent space for six decades. And in every new application, we help you rethink your future of clean

Safeguard your product formulations

Safeguard your product formulations from volatility in chemical prices and availability. Reformulation towards enzymes can reduce your exposure to market uncertainties and bring new, performance-driven opportunities. Novozymes can help.

Biological detergent_nature_refomulate with enzymes

Overcome smelly clothes with Novozymes Pristine®

Up to 50% consumers wash their clothes because they smell. But getting rid of malodor like sweat smells in clothes is a constant battle for consumers.

The solution? Novozymes Pristine®

Laundry New freshness technolgy

Make clothes look new and last longer

Nearly all fabric softeners claim fresh scent and softness. Isn’t it time to stand out? Give consumers more of what 
they want: the ability to avoid pilling and surface wear, keep colors brighter and whiter, and make clothes last longer.

Softener Women in sweater

The future of clean is green

Novozymes launches Microvia™ microbes for cleaning products. Just as microbes can help maintain and improve the gut health of humans and animals, they also work to break down dirt and establish a positive microbiome on household, office, and industrial surfaces.

Microbes Probiotic cleaning

Deeper clean, safer home

Now more than ever, consumers want to feel in control and keep their homes safe and clean. Help them – and your business – with a deep-cleaning laundry solution from Novozymes.

Laundry Deeper Clean

Towards 100% biological detergents

Novozymes is on an ambitious journey to enable 100% biological detergents without compromising wash performance and cost.

That calls for reformulations, innovations and committed partners who share our ambition.


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Latest insights in household care

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Great value for money – the key to long-term resilience

As household budgets shrink, shoppers rely more than ever on their favorite brands to deliver value for money. At the same time, detergent manufacturers are looking for cost-saving reformulation strategies.

hand dishwashing spray bottle

Innovate your hand dishwash and win!

The hand dishwash category is facing more competition, less consumer-perceived differentiation and higher production costs. And as commoditization is increasing, margins are decreasing. What to do in a price-sensitive market?


Challenge the status quo with biological detergents

Study highlights opportunity for brands to increase US consumers’ willingness to pay

Explore solutions beyond our current portfolio

Looking for solutions that go beyond our current portfolio? At Novozymes, we're always excited to hear new ideas for biosolutions and help bring them to life.