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Achieve clinical clean with powerful enzymes

What if you could take medical cleaning products to market, faster? Maximize your marketing claims and improve patient outcomes at the same time?

It's time to take a closer look at the role enzymes can play in medical detergent.

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Does your medical detergent use enzymes?

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) place a significant burden on healthcare systems around the world. In the US alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate the overall annual direct financial costs of HAIs to hospitals at between $28bn and $45bn, and the cost in lives at around 72k per year. Effective cleaning is a critical part of preventing HAIs.

Enzymes are an important part of the medical cleaning process, from presoak to washing. If medical instruments are not cleaned, they can't be properly sterilized. The right enzymes in the right dosage can help eliminate difficult soils and reduce HAI risk.

Learn more about how enzymes work in medical detergents. 

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Enzymatic medical detergents

  • Rapidly break down organic, clinical soils rich in protein and fat
  • Are made to perform well in a wide range of cleaning environments
  • Are gentler on delicate instruments & medical devices
  • Improve cleaning efficiency supported by studies performed on clinically relevant soils
  • Are less dangerous for technicians to be exposed to daily
  • Provide natural and safe cleaning power
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Achieve clinical clean with enzymes in medical detergents 

Take a closer look at the active ingredients in your medical cleaning products 

Are your instruments as clean as they could be?

The average medical detergent only removes 51% of organic soil. Viewed side by side, the evidence is clear. Detergents without enzymes are visibly less effective than detergents with enzymes.

Download our study to learn how you can achieve a deeper clean for the best patient outcomes with the right dose and type of enzymes.

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Everis™ helps detergent manufacturers:

Achieve clinical clean
Enzyme performance can be optimized with the right enzyme, at proper dosage and cleaning parameters. Everis™ enzymes are optimized to deliver a deep, thorough clean – even in hard-to-reach spots like crevices, joints and cracks that are invisible to the naked eye.

Go beyond industry standards
Every batch of Everis™ enzymes delivers the quality, color, and consistency the healthcare industry requires. Everis™ is designed to work with healthcare- specific temperature and pH ranges.

Create innovative products
Everis™ enzymes are innovative healthcare-grade enzymes fine-tuned and optimized. They enable detergents to deliver true clinical clean and can help brands stand out from the competition.

Find more details about the Everis™ portfolio and order free sample here. 

Speak to an expert about Everis™ products

Meet John: our medical cleaning expert. John is one of our experts when it comes to medical cleaning with enzymes, and he's been with us for over 20 years working with professional cleaning applications. As your expert, John can guide you through the medical cleaning detergent formulation and help you find the best solutions for your unique production setup.

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Unparalleled Customer Service

When you work with Novozymes you get a direct link to our technical service specialists and staff scientists to help you with everything from formulation to dosing to how to use claims about enzymes in marketing. Plus, you can leverage our learning academy to understand how enzymes can enhance cleaning outcomes in a medical setting – anytime, anywhere.

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