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8 billion reasons to change...

and counting. Every second brings more mouths to feed so that by 2050, we’ll be nearly 10 billion people. Our planet is already struggling to keep up. We urgently need to change our food systems to get more from what we have. Biosolutions are one way to do this.

How biosolutions are helping to transform food systems

Our waste

Tackling food loss and waste

Getting the most from resources across production, processing and consumption.

Our planet

Creating food systems for our planet

Feeding our growing population and safeguarding the Earth's resources.

Systems are people,
and people can change

From farm to table, food systems are a complex, interconnected web of people and activities. Over the last few decades, they’ve succeeded in feeding more and more of us. But up to 783 million people still go to bed hungry each night. And climate change, war, resource scarcity and the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic are all challenging food security. At the same time, food systems are driving climate change, biodiversity loss, water pollution and water scarcity. They can also contribute to unhealthy diets.

We urgently need to change our food systems. We need more sustainable, more resilient systems that can supply more – and more nutritious - food for our growing population. The good news is that systems are made up of people, and people can change.


Transforming food systems,
from farm to table

Many of us are trying new approaches, whether in food production, processing or consumption. But our complex food systems need holistic approaches to transformation.

Biosolutions are one such approach. Right now, they’re helping to feed our growing population while safeguarding the Earth's resources. They’re tackling both visible and invisible loss and waste across our food systems so we can get the most from every resource. And they’re helping to make more nutritious food available to more people.

Transform model - From farm to table

What are biosolutions?

Biosolutions are powered by enzymes and microbes. Enzymes are proteins that help transform substances throughout nature. Microbes are living organisms such as fungi or bacteria. They make life possible through symbiotic interactions.

We harness microbes and enzymes in our biosolutions for food, beverages and agriculture. Biosolutions help farmers get the most from their crops and livestock while reducing water pollution. They help food processors get more from raw materials and develop climate-friendly protein. And they help consumers reduce the amount of food and plastic packaging they send to landfill.

How biosolutions are helping to feed more of us, more sustainably

Family enjoying a meal at the table

Tackling food loss and waste

When we gather with friends and family, food is usually front and center. That can lead to waste. But waste and loss happen right across food production, processing and consumption.

Biosolutions help us overcome these inefficiencies by tackling both the waste we can see and what we call ‘invisible’ loss.

Farmer and daughter in crop field

Creating food systems for our planet

Food systems are on the front line of the planetary crisis, with farms facing extreme weather and a rise in pests and disease. And yet they’ll need to feed nearly 10 billion by 2050. Food systems also contribute to climate change and pollution.

Biosolutions can help us change this and create resilient food systems that work for our planet.

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Woman thinking about the climate

Accelerating towards a climate- neutral society

55 billion tons. That’s the amount of CO2 all of us emit in one year. Together with our customers, we’re lowering emissions in industry and food production. We’re also removing fossil-based ingredients from everyday products and capturing carbon. All to protect the planet we love.

Man living a healthy life

Enabling healthier lives

In supermarkets and health stores around the world, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their wellbeing and health. Our biosolutions provide supplements for better gut health. They also make lower-sugar, higher-fiber dairy possible. And they lead to healthier baked goods. These are just some of the ways they enable healthier lives.

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