Enzymes in distilling

Produce high-quality spirits

With our enzymes for distilling you can get more out of your raw materials, cut your costs and boost your competitive edge. They help you optimize each step of your process for increased operation efficiency. They deliver improved alcohol yields, production capacity and output. They also improve the quality of your products.


Value and flexibility in liquefaction

Our products deliver value and flexibility beyond standard liquefaction. They optimize pre-liquefaction and liquefaction to increase alcohol yields. They also enable low pH and high DS processing. That allows you to save on chemicals, energy, and water. With our enzymes for liquefaction, your distillery can also maximize use of backset/thin stillage.

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High-quality, cost-efficient saccharification

Our enzymes effectively convert starch to glucose for increased alcohol yield. They enable logistical savings, making them cost-efficient solutions. They also deliver quality you can depend on for a robust process. The result is reliable saccharification, even when conditions and raw materials vary.

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Enhance your fermentation and distilling processes

Our enzyme blend for process enhancement provides more yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN). It also increases fermentable sugars. That leads to improved yeast nutrition, higher yields and faster fermentation. With our blend, your fermentation and distilling processes are smoother and more energy-efficient.

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Reduce viscosity to run at higher dry solids

Running at higher dry solids brings a range of benefits. These include higher output and lower energy and water spend. Our enzymes for viscosity reduction break down non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs). That reduces their water-binding capacity for a less viscous mash. Lower viscosity means you can run at higher dry solids (DS).

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Explore solutions beyond our current portfolio

Looking for solutions that go beyond our current portfolio? At Novozymes, we're always excited to hear new ideas for biosolutions and help bring them to life.

Stay on top of trends in distilling

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