Enzymes for distilling liquefaction

Achieve complete starch conversion


Achieve complete starch conversion

Achieving complete starch conversion to fermentable sugars starts with a good liquefaction system. Our heat-stable alpha-amylases for liquefaction support an efficient process. They liquefy gelatinized starch into dextrins and reduce viscosity. That allows you to mix and pump at higher grain solids in cook.

Thermostable alpha-amylases for cost savings

You can achieve higher ethanol yields with our advanced thermostable alpha-amylases. They reduce mash viscosity, are effective across a broad pH range, and don't need additional calcium. All these benefits help you save energy and reduce chemical consumption. The end result is a more cost-effective mashing process.

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Improve fermentation throughput and performance

Our heat-stable dual- and multi-enzyme blends improve your fermentation process. They increase conversion in your cook for increased fermentation throughput. They also support your yeast with the right nutrient levels at the right time. The result is a reduction in stress-induced congeners and sustained yeast vitality. 

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