Novozymes in a nutshell

Fast facts

Novozymes works with innovative customers across the globe, helping them produce more from less, make their products stand out and reduce costs.

Since 2000, we have brought more than 100 new molecules to market to address specific industry and customer challenges.

Female scientists in the lab at Novozymes

We account for 2/3 of the entire global investment in developing enzymes, and dedicate 13-14% of our total revenue to R&D.

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With 48% market share in industrial enzymes, we deliver bioinnovation to 130 countries and manufacture across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. In short, we are where you are.

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Our technical service team is the world's largest. Our experts are on the ground to make our solutions a success for customers in every industry.

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More than 6,000 Zymers are here to make a difference. In Science Magazine's global Top Employer Survey, we’ve ranked top 10 for three years running. We were ranked the second best employer in 2017.

Novozymes employees at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina

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Our purpose explained

Our purpose is deeply rooted in our heritage. It also looks ahead to what we can achieve together with customers, consumers, governments, academia and others around us in terms of finding the sustainable answers that our world needs, as our CEO explains. 

Our approach to sustainability is reflected in our purpose, strategy and long-term targets.

The triple bottom line

For us, sustainability means adding economic, environmental and social value.

Our strategy

Partnering for Impact

We call our strategy, "Partnering for Impact" and at its core is our belief that we make the biggest impact through partnerships.  Our strategy sets out four focus areas.
Inspired by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Our long-term targets

We measure the success of our purpose and strategic focus areas using a number of financial and non-financial long-term targets. These ambitious targets reflect the belief that the use of our biological solutions will have a real and positive impact on the world.

Reach 6 billion people with our biological solutions

Every time a consumer uses a product that has been made or treated with our
technology the world becomes a bit more sustainable. By 2020, we want 6 billion people worldwide to be using products made with our solutions at least once a week. 

This target is closely connected to our sales performance. Increasing our reach therefore depends on the successful execution of our strategy within each of our industries, and on expanding our sales in emerging and developing markets, which have the greatest untapped potential.

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Educate 1 million people about the potential of biology 

Education is crucial for global sustainable development as articulated in Sustainable Development Goal No. 4. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge about science and sustainability, and regularly engage with schools, universities and communities through various outreach programs.  

The more people we educate about biology, sustainability and the environment, the more they will get involved in creating sustainable biological solutions in the future. Our educational activities included under this target exclude those related directly to sales and marketing of our technologies.

University in Omaha, Nebraska, US - Educate

Catalyze 5 global partnerships for change 

To make the necessary impact on the world, we need strong partners dedicated to solving key global issues with us. By 2020, we aim to form five high-impact partnerships with public or private organizations that share our agenda and support our commercial activities. 

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Deliver 10 transformative innovations 

Each innovation we deliver has an impact. Some of our innovations transform markets. By 2020, we aim to deliver 10 transformative innovations, creating significant impact for our customers and making the world more sustainable. 

When evaluating our innovation efforts and pipeline, we consider their financial and transformative potential and measure their impact against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Harvesting corn in Iowa, US - Deliver

Save 100 million tons of CO2 

Our products help customers improve their environmental performance by reducing their consumption of energy, raw materials and chemicals and by lowering their CO2 emissions.  

To help address climate change, we set a target to save 100 million tons of CO2 in 2020 through the application of our solutions.

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Enable our employees to develop 

Great employees make for a great Novozymes. Our ability to grow and contribute to a better world is dependent on our ability to enable our employees to develop both personally and professionally. 

This target will ensure that Novozymes builds the skills needed to deliver on its strategy and that all employees worldwide realize their full potential.

Novozymes employees at the office - Enable
Measuring our success

Long-term financial targets

Our long-term targets tell us if we are succeeding in helping the world become more sustainable, at the same time as ensuring Novozymes’ continued growth.
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Return to historical growth rates

We expect to return to historical organic growth rates once we successfully commercialize the programs in our innovation pipeline.

EBIT Margin

We expect to maintain an annual EBIT margin of ≥ 26% from 2016 through to the end of the decade.


We expect to maintain an annual ROIC of ≥ 25% from 2016 through to the end of the decade.

Ownership and management

Novozymes’ stock consists of two types: A and B shares. Both shares have a nominal value of DKK 2 per share, but an A share carries 10 times as many votes as a B share. Management in Novozymes A/S, the parent company, is headed by Novozymes' Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership Team

Our story in brief


While our roots stretch back to the foundation of Novo Terapeutisk Laboratorium in 1925, our story really began in 2000 when Novo was split into three independent companies:  Novo A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S, and Novozymes A/S.  We already had a strong portfolio of enzymes at this point, especially for the Food & Beverages and Household Care industries.

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2001 – 2011

A number of acquisitions strengthened our business in the bioagriculture sector. In the same decade, we inaugurated the world’s largest enzyme fermentation facility in China.

Betarenewables biorefinery in Italy

2011 - 2013

Following the opening of the world’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Crescentino, Italy, using Novozymes enzymes, the commercial production of cellulosic ethanol continued to broaden globally. In 2012 we inaugurated a plant of our own to produce biofuel enzymes in Nebraska. We now provide enzymatic solutions to the biofuel industry in South and North America and Europe.

Harvesting corn in Iowa, US.

2014 - today

The BioAg Alliance - formed with Monsanto in 2013 to develop more sustainable solutions for farmers - became fully operational. We also began to work with Adisseo and Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health on probiotics as a sustainable potential alternative to antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed. In 2017, the application of our products helped reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 76 million tons, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranked us among the top 6% of companies in the chemical industry sector.

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Positions & Policies

Position papers cover Novozymes’ view on issues that our stakeholders find particularly important. Policies describe how we will conduct our daily work in support of Novozymes' purpose and values.  

Our shared world. Your impact.

From local communities to global challenges, we can make a sustainable difference together. With unrivaled innovation, we advance your business and help you reach your goals.