Novozymes report 2020

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Our strategy

Better business with biology

Shaped by the promise of biology, we step into a future of better business – for customers, for Novozymes and for the world.

Focus areas


Together with our three focus areas, four enablers will allow us to create a dual transformation where we get more growth and value from the core business and invest more in completely new opportunity areas  

Reallocate toward high-impact innovation

Expand emerging-market and commercial activity

Simplify, optimize and digitize

Thrive in a dynamic organization

Mid-term targets, 2020-2022

Measuring our success

By working together with customers,  partners, politicians and citizens, we  measure the progress of our strategy on the following targets
Measuring our success


Novozymes is committed to help solving three global challenges: Climate, Water and sustainable Production & Consumption


Save 60 million tons CO2
by enabling low-carbon fuels in the  transport sector in 2022.


Reach >4 billion people
by providing laundry solutions that replace chemicals in 2022


Gain 500,000 tons of food
by improving efficiency from farm to table in 2022

Measuring our success


We have three financial targets: Organic sales growth, EBIT margin and ROIC incl. goodwill
Green squash plant

Organic sales growth
5+% per year

2020 will likely be negatively impacted
by portfolio changes

EBIT margin
28% or above by 2022
ROIC incl. goodwill
23% or above by 2022
Measuring our success

Novozymes' operations

Novozymes is committed to help solving three global challenges: Climate, Water and sustainable Production & Consumption. We hold ourselves accountable to reduce the negative impact from our operations in these areas.

50% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions from operations, on our way to carbon neutral in 2050




100% of sites manage water in balance with local conditions by 2030





Production & consumption
100% of key materials and waste managed in circular systems

Read more about our commitments and targets here




Measuring our success


To continue to grow and contribute to a better world, we will enable Zymers to thrive, grow and perform. This ensures that we have the skills needed to deliver on our purpose. We will measure our ability to reach the full potential of Zymers through four specific targets
Enable learning
80 on learning in employee survey by 2022
Nurture diversity
86 on our diversity index by 2022

Ensure wellbeing
Maintain occupational injuries ≤ 1.5

Inspire the world
Pledge 1% of our time to local outreach activities by 2022

Excite employees
Achieve a score of 81 on our Zymer Spirit index by 2022

Positions & Policies

Position papers cover Novozymes’ view on issues that our stakeholders find particularly important. Policies describe how we will conduct our daily work in support of Novozymes' purpose and values.  

Ownership and management

Novozymes’ stock consists of two types: A and B shares. Both shares have a nominal value of DKK 2 per share, but an A share carries 10 times as many votes as a B share. Management in Novozymes A/S, the parent company, is headed by Novozymes' Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership Team