Enzymes for distilling process enhancement

Improve your yields and your bottom line


Improve your process and your bottom line

With our enzymes you can enhance key aspects of your distilling process. These enhancements improve your yields and your bottom line. 

Thermostable alpha-amylases for cost savings

You can achieve higher ethanol yields with our advanced thermostable alpha-amylases. They reduce mash viscosity, are effective across a broad pH range, and don't need additional calcium. All these benefits help you save energy and reduce chemical consumption. The end result is a more cost-effective mashing process.

yeast on a table

Boost ethanol yields

By improving yeast nutrition and speeding up fermentation, our process enhancement solution makes your fermentation process smoother and ensures higher yields for your distillery. 

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Designed to deliver

ProEx FG has been designed to deliver superior yeast viability and feedstock conversion leading to higher ethanol yields.

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