Enzymes for distilling saccharification

Maximize your fermentable sugar yield

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The goal in saccharification is to maximize starch and dextrin conversion to fermentable sugars

Our enzymes for saccharification give you a range of opportunities to do this. They speed up fermentation and maximize your throughput. They also deliver higher ethanol levels and alcohol yields and lower residual starch and sugar levels. With our enzymes you can also achieve more efficient separation and DDGS processing.

Cost-effective, consistent fermentation

Our saccharification enzymes efficiently and cost-effectively convert starch and dextrins into glucose. They give you the dependable quality you need to ensure a consistent, robust process. The result is reliable saccharification even when raw materials and conditions vary.

Our enzymes also feature a range of side activities. These can compensate for less-than-optimal liquefaction processes.

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