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Biotech can enhance nutrition and health

Food is obviously essential for nutrition, but it also plays a key role in health. Consumers are increasingly aware of the health risks and benefits of what they eat and drink. Our biosolutions empower them to make healthier choices. Lower-sugar, higher-fiber dairy, delicious wholewheat breads, meats produced with lower antibiotic levels and trans-fat-free spreads are just a few of their benefits.

They also have the potential to unlock game-changing health benefits in everyday foods. One example is the addition of probiotics to snack bars. Our probiotics are also central to our supplements for health. These proven, targeted solutions address issues including gut health and lead levels in children’s blood.

Want to learn more about how our biosolutions are enabling people to make the healthier choices that empower healthier lives? Find out below.

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Limiting buildup of lead in children with biotechnology


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A new approach to a common gastric infection with biotechnology


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Making dairy healthier with biosolutions


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