Together we can accelerate towards a climate-neutral society

There is power in biotech to reduce emissions everywhere

Imagine if biology – the study of life – held the answers to some of the most urgent questions we face. Imagine if it could help us achieve the reductions in emissions and use of fossil-based chemicals our planet so badly needs?

There’s no need to imagine. Because right now, our biosolutions are helping customers to reduce and even capture emissions from industry. They’re transforming plants into power and heat. They’re enabling lower-carbon transport fuels and proteins. They’re shrinking the carbon footprint of agriculture. And they’re helping consumers to cut their carbon emissions when doing laundry.

Every tonne counts

55 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalents - that was the amount of greenhouse gasses we emitted into our atmosphere in 2021. That’s the same weight as 10,000 Giza pyramids. If we focus on the big number, reducing these emissions seems impossible.

But every tonne counts, so let’s start with what’s possible right now. If we accelerate the use of biotechnology, it’s probably far more than you think. Want to learn more about how our biosolutions are already accelerating us towards a climate-neutral society? Find out below.

Explore our technology in action

Capturing emissions

Capturing emissions from industry with biosolutions


Shrinking laundrys carbon footprint

Shrinking laundry’s carbon footprint with biosolutions


bread waste

Cutting emissions from bread waste with biosolutions


Farmer harvesting

Plugging into the power of plants with biosolutions



Producing low climate-impact proteins with biosolutions


Tractor plowing field

Improving food security in the face of climate change with biosolutions


Reduce the environmental impact of plastics with biosolutions

Transforming CO2 into nutritious food proteins

A deep dive into one of Novozymes’ transformative research projects


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