Towards 100% biological detergents

For the benefit of the planet, consumers, and your business.


Now is the time

Consumers, retailers, regulators and non-governmental organizations are increasingly asking for eco-friendly products that are gentler on the planet and for end-users. That goes for laundry products, too.

Novozymes is on an ambitious journey to enable 100% biological detergents without compromising wash performance and cost.

Enabling environmentally friendly detergents that don’t compromise on cost and cleaning experience calls for reformulations, innovations and committed partners who share our bold ambition.

Join us on the journey towards 100% biological detergents.

Why the detergent industry can't get "green" fast enough

More and more green cleaning products are being launched every year. At the same time there is an overall skepticism towards these green products when it comes to performance. So, which drivers are pushing the industry to go into this green direction?

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What drives consumers when it comes to green claims?

A new international study by Novozymes looks at consumer attitudes about green detergents. The awkward reality is that 65% of consumers say they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, but less than 5% actually buy green detergents. Why is that? And what drives consumers in this market?

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New consumer habits during Covid-19

With shocking speed, the COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we interact, the way we work, the way we purchase, and, for some, the way we clean and do our laundry.

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Where are you on the journey?

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See how far you are from having a biological detergent

With the BioCompass tool, you can see how close you are to having a truly biological detergent.

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How much CO2 could you be saving?

Nearly all industries today are under pressure to make their products more environmentally friendly. 

Whitepaper: Enable greener detergents without compromising on cost and performance

Learn how enzymatic technology can reduce the need for chemicals in detergents - both liquid and powder saving the planet from tonnes of chemicals every year.

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Rethink laundry detergents to save costs and meet market trends

Formulating towards greener detergents will require new biological technologies, but also significant reformulation work and expertise on how to combine the different ingredients to optimize performance, green profile, and cost.

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Let's work together towards enabling 100% biological detergents

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