How to make your detergents clean hygienically

Consumers all over the world want to be delighted by the pure scent of fresh and the sight of completely clean clothes after every wash.​

With our freshness solutions you can give them just that.

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Help consumers keep their laundry fresh

Everyone has owned an item that turned smelly, yellow or dingy over time. It's an everyday, universal problem. It’s also a hygiene problem.

Now that hygiene has become more important than ever, consumers want their clothes to not only appear clean, but to truly be clean and to smell pure and fresh.

Unfortunately, sebum and body grime get trapped in your clothes over time. And even if you can mask the smell of sweat or hide the sebum stains on your collar, today’s solutions can’t solve the issue at it’s core. Except for our freshness solutions.

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Why do body grime and sebum end up in your laundry?

Body grime is a complex mixture. It’s a combination of the millions of dead skin cells you shed every day, sebum, sweat, and other contaminants.

Body grime sticks to any fabrics that are in contact with your skin (like shirts, sheets, and towels). From there, the sticky substance attracts and traps external dirt particles and even smells, keeping them stuck to your textiles.

Our freshness solutions can prevent sebum and body grime from sticking to fabrics and provide hygienically clean and fabulously fresh clothes after every wash.

Delight consumers with the pure scent of fresh

Up to 50% of consumers say smell is the primary reason for washing an item.

Designed to clean hygienically at the core, our freshness solutions make sure that every laundry load smells fabulously fresh after every wash and prevent smells from returning.

Watch the video to learn how Jill experiences our solution as she’s doing the laundry, or download our consumer insights paper to learn more.

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PDE-technology for better textile hygiene

Novozymes Pristine® is developed to provide consumers with fresh and clean clothes in a natural way. The solution is based on a unique laundry enzyme called phosphodiesterase, also known as PDE enzyme technology. PDE technology releases the sebum and body grime that sticks to the fabric fibers and historically has kept detergents and consumers from achieving completely fresh and clean clothes at the core.

With PDE technology, consumers can now enjoy the pure scent of fresh and truly clean clothes.

Delight consumers with a new sense of fresh and clean

Pure and fresh smell

Pure & fresh smell

Our freshness solutions make sure that every laundry load smells fabulously fresh after every wash and prevent smells from returning.


Yellow-free & clean clothes

Our freshness solutions empower consumers to achieve a deep hygenically clean and bright whites after each wash.

Brilliant colors and whites

Brilliant colors & whites

Our freshness solutions prevents anti-redeposition by breaking down stains and soils to keep clothes original brightness.

Freshen up your detergents and your business

Unlike other products in the market today, our freshness solutions means you get no cover-ups, only extremely efficient and fast hygienic deep-cleaning.

Want to build new claims and delight consumers with a pure scent of fresh and brilliantly clean clothes?

Get in touch with us today to learn more about PDE technology, hygienic deep clean and how we can rethink your brand’s future of clean and fresh together.

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Explore more potential benefits for your detergent brand​

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In every laundry load, dirt particles in the wash water are redeposited onto otherwise clean clothes. Cleaning cellulases in your laundry detergent can help.

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Fuzz and pill removal

Consumers who see signs of aging on their clothes are likely to discard them. Care cellulases in your detergent can save clothes from premature disposal.

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Complex laundry issues

Enjoy the simple, cost-effective way to ensure that your laundry detergents deliver the cleaning and fabric care consumers demand with our multi-enzyme blends.

Get in touch with us today! And let's rethink your brand's future of freshness together.