Deeper clean, safer home

Now more than ever, consumers want to feel in control and keep their homes safe and clean. Help them – and your business – with a deep-cleaning laundry solution from Novozymes.

Help fabrics repel contaminants

remove sticky stains

Remove sticky stains

Targeted enzymes break down sticky stains. This prevents contaminants from attaching to sticky residue otherwise left behind.

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Smooth fabric fibers

Targeted enzymes remove loose cotton fibers on your clothes. And smoother fabric repels contaminants more effectively.

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Grow your business

Consumers are actively seeking cleaning advice and paying less attention to the detergent's price tag. Are you selling what they want?

A natural, deep-cleaning solution

The moment you leave your home, you’re exposed to dirt, dust, pollution, city grime, cigarette smoke and airborne particles. They can adhere to the fibres of your clothes and follow you back into your home.

A natural, deep-cleaning laundry solution can prevent these contaminants from adhering to clothes. It reduces the level of impurities that walk through the door when you do. And improves hygiene for a cleaner, safer home environment.

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