More health awareness, less focus on price

Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly aware of health and hygiene. Cleaning for the sake of appearance is no longer good enough. They want to go deeper.

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Deep cleaning gives a sense of security

Today’s consumers want to feel secure that they’ve done more than remove stains and dirt. They want to remove health risks. And prevent new risks from entering their homes. This awareness will lead to clearer preferences for claims focused on hygiene, prevention and control.

No compromises for the dedicated consumer

With the increased importance of cleaning, the home care category is transforming. Now it’s a high-involvement category. Consumers are actively seeking cleaning advice. Plus, they’re paying less attention to the price tag of the detergent.

Upgrading your detergent now can help consumers find the high-tier detergent they’re looking for – in an industry where higher quality will be the new normal.


In the Asia-Pacific region, anti-bacterial claims for laundry detergents rose from 3.2% of all claims in 2002 to 20.8% of all claims in 2005. The first case of SARS was in 2003.

Educate consumers and boost business

You have the opportunity to educate consumers about why your top detergent is their best choice. Based on our studies, claims like the following can be quite powerful.

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Factbox consumer claims

Two ways to make fabrics repel unwanted particles

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Smooth fabric fibers

Novozymes cellulase technology smooths fabric fibers

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Remove sticky stains

You might not realize it, but newly washed clothes – which appear clean – might still have stains on them. And they can attract contaminants from the surroundings.

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